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Jump into Rush and plant 20 bombs for the first part of @Why_so_sara's Mission. Active from July 20 - 22, then defu…
@chris_marsh80 Really? You get 2 weeks early access, 14 Superior Battlepacks, queue priority, and access to the exp…
Thanks so much for joining us for our Prise de Tahure Release Day Q&A with @martinlindell, live from DICE LA. See you on the battlefield!
From @Dannybirch28 "When are we getting HDR support on consoles to make these night maps pop??"
@shycoldchris @martinlindell @EA @EA_DICE @M3RKMUS1C Yep. We work with him occasionally.
From @irishgiants "Is this the UAV in BF1, when will we get it?"
@II_JumPeR_I @billldavis We have nothing to share at this time regarding unreleased consoles. Better?
From @sneasley_11 "Where is the RSC MLE1917?"
From @jsyed90 "One more question, Can any of you at DICE and @EA match @jackfrags and @BrokenMachine ? Two unbeliev…
From @R3MiX4 "is there a free primuem for a week ?" Premium Trials give you access to all currently released maps.
From @billldavis "when will this map be available for a premium member like myself"
#BreakfastTips @JToTheOh " Is almond milk a good substitute for cereal if i don't have regular milk? Nacho cheese o…
@skoopsro @miplis_ @martinlindell @MrProWestie Might want to re-check the previous update notes. ;)
From @MichaelJRanieri: "Can we expect any surprises in the coming months that has not been made public?"
From @TheSacredShrimp "Any progress on the console CTE to announce?"
From @PurpleZerky "Will there be any new smaller updates between now and the They Shall Not Pass update?"
@L1NCOLNSTARS44 @martinlindell Premium Friends is active until Gamescom, and Premium Trials started today.
From @FIRE_AND_FORGET "Is the mission tracker live? Cant find it. (Playing on xbox one)"
From @Rich_GZ "How happy are you with this new map?"
@jsyed90 @martinlindell @MadShooterGuy72 If you purchase the Premium Pass, all 4 themed expansion come with it.

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The official Battlefield 3 Twitter channel. Battlefield 3 is launching in Fall 2011 from DICE.

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