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@Baddiel @iamwinter @IamMrWinter 'You don't know my struggles Bruv' - well yes... because your tweets are protected…
@mikedixonmusic @rpoonline @HCPFestival I've always said you've got magnificent Hollyhocks...
@jupitusphillip @billybragg @GlastoFest He gave up by the end though.... exhausted from extreme punning?
@Tarsh_cox hey Tash! Hope all's great with you! X
@ReeveJulian Hey Julian! Good to see you on here, I hope all is tremendous with you! VERY jealous of your gig :-) Sending much love x
Well done @AndrewWright5 et al! Going to be brilliant!! X
@StuartyReid @TheBodyguardUK Rich Hurst is one of my favourite people.... as are you... perfect pairing! Enjoy!!! X
@darren_bell Did you miss my tweet? X
Run. Off. Our. Feet still.... chalk time!
I just had the call - I shall be opening the batting and bowling for the England Cricket Team @ECB_cricket in the next 20/20 International.
@KatieBernstein Signup to @Unrollme - it's the DREAM
RT @ndanielmusic: On the strength of this I am subscribing to @guardian. Thanks for the nudge to do so.
@Householddiv what a shame that @BandHCav have blocked me for correcting their spelling and grammar. TERRIBLE treat…
@LlandyllGove It's a land mass where 'Schmeeky schmeeky' occurs amongst the 🌱
@BandHCav More work Grammar. Missing a full-stop.
@BandHCav 'Parliment' - more work spelling....
Home after playing a matinee...BOILING on the brilliant, beautiful wife @Poppy_Ashworth has chilled a pint glass and a @cobrabeer
@jockdrumming Nice!!! X
Oh dear Lord...@rickygervais - Finally watching Brent's Life on the road.... laughing on the train....
@JButterell yes!!!! Lovely stuff! Hope it's awesome. Would love to see/work with you again too soon please! Sending much love x

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Musical Director (currently Grease The Musical), Pianist, Conductor, Composer, based in London - UK - Endorsed by ROLAND & JH Audio
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Barney Ashworth

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