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RT @adsoftheworld: Foundation for Women and Children: Stop Tapping
RT @adsoftheworld: The Least Active Kids in History 😞
RT @mrsasansaeidi: FP7/DXB and Uber join hands -
Feeling a tad proud - FP7/DXB is crowned Effie's 2016 Most Effective Individual Agency Global -
Geico's New Campaign Is Really Unskippable
RT @sandoz: Best guess, this was written back in '96. Reads fresh, relevant and missing today - cc @hackneydave
Coca-Cola Removes Label From Its Cans To Send Powerful Message Against Prejudice
Settling in to enjoy tonight show @Cannes_Lions #CannesLions2015 #fp7 #bronze 4 Sony in Outdoor!
Contagious Team: Cannes Predictions - via @contagious
Creative Review - What's the best ever slogan? via @CreativeReview
Robots Echo and Jibo Have Arrived, but Their Real Utility Has Yet to be Realized >@TechReview
Very nice - Hyundai uses tyre tracks to send giant message to astronaut in space via @BrandRepublic
Amazing story - I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China... via @mattstopera
The fountains in King’s Cross’s Granary Square are secretly a giant playable version of Snake!
This Cool Tumblr Imagines If Ad Agencies Were Ice Cream Flavors
Ad of the Day: Here's What Happens When You Open a Gun Store in the Middle of NYC | Adweek
Fisher-Price Creates New Year's Ad in 24 Hours Starring 2015's First Babies | Adweek
RT @leeclowsbeard: You cannot become the person or agency you wish to be by doing the type of work you wished you never had to do.
RT @CLIOAwards: .@Adweek's most-read advertising stories of the year: #BestOf2014

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