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The Congress is getting a cleaning today for tomorrow's Ripple Effect bleaching the drains and tribal smudging
RIPPLE EFFECT Event Info >> Purchase Tickets Online via Psymbolic >>
I can't to see this at Congress Theater on Saturday. Mutaytor!
Hump Day! Half way till the weekend, and then its time for Ripple Effect!
Can't wait to hear DJ Take, DJ John Simmons, Cheb i Sabbah, DJ Chlorophil and the Freakeast/Illmeasures Crew tear it up Saturday!!
Wanna know more about Cheb I Sabbah? Chek out this article on him by Michelle Goldberg
Hope you've cleared your plans for Saturday. You'll need all day to mentally prepare for the experience you'll get from Ripple Effect!
Still lookin for tix for this Saturday? Here ya go Get the tix while they're hot, see you there!
There is still time to get tickets for this weekend! This will be an experience like never before seen!!
Check out Ripple Effect on Going Chicago. It goes down this weekend!!
Who wishes Ripple Effect was tomorrow?? I know I do. Check out this video by the Ruiners
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Still trying to figure out what Mutaytor brings to Ripple Effect? Check out this live show review It'll help
Radiohiro + M.C. were great opening for Eoto - Can't wait to hear em tear it up at @congresstheatre next Saturday!
Where can you see this beaut? None other than Ripple Effect, 11/20 at Congress Theater in CHI
Cheb i Sabbah is the most transcendental DJ on the planet - Take a trip with me next Saturday at Ripple Effect
Still debating about Ripple Effect? Maybe this Jim DeRogatis album review of the Ruiners will help convince you.
RT @Do312: Looking for an experience like never before? Go see Ripple Effect, A Huge Party with a Concert in the Center @bampowprod http ...
Vicarious Tool Tribute's performance will amaze everyone who shows up to Ripple Effect by 8 pm!
Its Novemeber and I feel like we're in Cali! @Mutaytor, DJ Take, DJ @Chlorophil & Cheb i Sabbah will feel at home for Ripple Effect

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