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where do i sign up to take dance classes from this champ https://t.co/xFfOIUAxum
me at the club this weekend https://t.co/IOszHv8FhA
can i have serena van der woodsen’s wardrobe please
@pauzi fking texas everywhere
@thatdinah https://t.co/havzne0Pw5
@thatdinah https://t.co/D0KFChNxqs
RT @TheFunnyVine: me fighting with my inner demons https://t.co/4RoPsqzCr7
please hajima, i'm ready for you to keuman https://t.co/Jhi0ruNSKN
@thatdinah the question is not why but Why Not
@Jindeul yikes!
@thatdinah our friendship-o-meter just DIED along with this tweet. Delete This.
@thatdinah gorl don’t remind me rip dangerous woman tour
i binge watch anna akana’s videos hoping to find something that explains the way i feel alkjqeiojdskjkfhadj
years later and i still can’t believe ed westwick is british, i can only listen to him in his chuck bass voice
@Jindeul no doubt she is but her legs are starting to become really scary the longer i look at it
lmaooooo i finished the entire first season of the life of kylie
@glowkit YES
who is this fella's prof cos we gotta check if he's fit to teach
RT @cynsation_: I tOoK pSyChOlOgY cLaSsEs BeFoRe https://t.co/bmwVVuuUxt
ok https://t.co/nlddMoSF8L

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