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Trading partners are always needed. #cdnpoli
Police thought it was funny to mock a young lady with Downs Syndrome.
Best show hope the Americans love it also. Sure #TO would love to have it back soon. @wecomefromaway
Thank you
How do they propose to stop Trump is the question.
Universal Health care should be available to every human being on the Planet. Not just the rich.
Hope Biden stays out of Politics, he has done his work with integrity and passion. I want him to enjoy life now.
Sad to watch such hate winning.
Tx for your integrity @PreetBharara
Homeless in TO @JohnTory we need action to ensure that we have enough homes for people with disabilities.…
Trumps first 100 days tracked How do you think he is doing?
@harwood611 Happy #Toronto said NO to Olympics 2025
Take action world wide let your Politicians know they work for you.
Why debate, Trudeau showed women do count when and whom he put in cabinet positions. #cdnpoli #CanFem actions spea…
What does Buffett know?
BBC News - Ceta: EU parliament backs free trade deal with Canada Good news for @JustinTrudeau + #cdnpoli
We need more happy news.This dog made my day.
We need new shopping protocols.
Sure has used the quotes etc unless @piercemorgan did not write the article. The plot thickens. @jk_rowling
Twitter feud think we all know who is winning.

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