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For others safety, learn the six forms of property negligence that often lead to slip and fall accidents, here:
Traumatic brain injuries are commonly associated with car accidents. Learn which ones are the most common, here:
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Learn the pharmaceutical dangers that happen far more frequently than others, here:
In order to ensure safety on the roads, here are 5 frequent signs of an intoxicated driver:
In the case of an accident, many wonder "How is negligence determined?" Learn the answer to this question, here:
Speeding is the cause of many car wrecks. If you have been a victim of reckless driving, visit
Attorney Eleeza Johnson joined our team in Waco in 2009. Read her full bio here:
Parents should understand and avoid medical errors for their children. Find out 20 tips for preventing them here:
"Should I just pay for my costs and not sue if I am financially able?" Find out the answer from our #FAQ page here:
When no safety measures are taken, explosions can hurt the innocent. If this happened to you, we can help. More here:
"Is a truck or a trucking company responsible for my costs?" Find out the answer to this #FAQ here:
Deputy is injured in an accident when he was trying to catch up to someone violating the law. Read here:
Do you know the dangers of construction zones? Learn more here:
Do you know the signs of a drunk truck driver? Learn more here: #drunktruck
It is important for parents to understand and know how to avoid the medical errors for their children. More here:
GM has now recalled another 8.2 million vehicles due to more ignition switch defects. Find out more here:
"If I was partially at fault for my injury, can I still recover compensation?" Learn the answer:
Be safe on the road and learn about the causes of the top common car accidents. Read here:

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