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AudioMicro partner Alex Chacon @ModernMotoGuy just launched the most epic selfies ever video, and he ain't lying!
@TogomanYT not apps at this time, but our site is completely mobile friendly!
@IsJoeri Maker has discontinued the partnership with AudioMicro, please reach out to your partner to confirm. Thanks!
@LILWOOLEY618 @YouTube please email support(at)audiomicro(dot)com with links and license info thanks!
@TogomanYT or "Sound Effects by”
@TogomanYT yes - credit should be "Royalty Free Music by"
@TogomanYT are you with a network?
@TheMinebox this is fixed, please try your downloads again!
We are aware of a download issue on our site and are working to fix it ASAP
@TheMinebox sorry for the inconvenience we are working to fix it asap
@pmelgare please email support(at)audiomicro(dot)com for assistance. Thanks
Posts from Hottest Royalty Free Music Tracks for 11/01/2016 -
@CNMatz email partner-support(at)adrev(dot)net and mention your old partnership.
@CNMatz keep your Audiomicro music by joining the AdRev Talent Network. We will match your rate too!
@Pr3datv I would recommend clearing your cache on your browser, restarting your modem and computer, but for now DM me so I can send you link
@Pr3datv try downloading one of your other tracks, is it the same or only on this track?
@Pr3datv like this:
@Pr3datv hi I just downloaded the file no problem, are you right clicking “Download .wav” in your Tracks page and saving the link?
@_BensonHD_ @FullscreenNet @ArcadeGaming sorry for inconvenience be sure to email support(at)audiomicro(dot)com and dispute w/ license info
@KaiQom great! We’d love to earn your channel and have a great team

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Micro stock music and sound effects - sending royalties to composers, sound designers, independent bands, music publishers, etc.