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Non-monogramed thank you / wedding gifts for parents? anyone?
@kphin i'm hoping you guys get it out of your system so it will be sunny in july!
Just ordered some rad custom shit from @MelissaLoschy!
Eating TJ's Belgian chocolates, organizing my files and watching kell on earth. Except for the accounting part life is complete.
Crazy rad photos by our wedding photogs!
@desertfete i have a bag of organic culinary lavendar if you want some!
I love checking google analytics and discovering that someone found me via the keywords "mexican daddy blogspot".
@funnyordie or a raptor????
@kphin especially when they are married and/or live the other person. hello! wait until you get home. i've never understood this.
@desertfete oooh where are your favorite potato tacos? Mine are Don Carlos but I'm always looking for more!
@eastsidebride i am happily surprised by this statement. i also never drank the legging kool-aid.
@desertfete ok well you should still read the jezebel post and the article to which it links.
@desertfete just close your eyes during the turtle part.
@desertfete a book and a documentary for you
vintage wallpaper in San Diego? anyone?
@desertfete i'll split one with you. and a life sponsor while we're at it.
@desertfete creme brulee?
@desertfete man ray approves. and so do i.
@eastsidebride I have been emailing her! Tigers to Lilies. She's amazing but I wanted to check if anyone was in the SD area.

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