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@TenantsUnionSF Thank you for the unsolicited robo call, I'll be sure to vote against you.
@appreviewtimes 2 days #iosreviewtime
@JaneKim thanks for the robocall to remind me to not vote for you.
Took over my first gym! #pokemon
@balajijegan I still have nightmares about it
@AaronPeskin how about looking for ways to optimize resources and eliminate waste before raising taxes?
@BradRose_now ok how can I try it?
Madbum is throwing a no hitter and I'm out of poke balls.
President Obama just drove past my house...
@DickHardt @warriors
RT @warriors: It has been a dream season, #DubNation. Shame it had to end this way.
@ChickfilA I'm trying to pay for my lunch using your app, but I can't add my phone number
@appreviewtimes 20 hours!
@peregrinogris it wasn't legal when they started here in SF either. They just keep going until they're legalized
@_mikroMakro sudo rm -rf / Actually don't t do that
@rdfuhr you could always try emacs
@MikeLee the left one is he weather in SNV downtown, the right one is using GPS (look at the arrow at the right bottom)
RT @warriors: Steph with a casual 32-footer to win the game. #StephGonnaSteph
@whereisco Chinatown
@waze bring back Arnold!

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