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The Best Web Design RFP Ever Written. Some thoughts from @matt_everson
It’s those “Hmm.. what if?” ideas that make my days. Why use a photo of a clock when you can build the real thing?
@WSJbeerbaron @ChamppsBrook Good lawd.
Responsive design is one thing, UX is quite another. We tweaked a client’s mobile navigation three weeks ago and co…
Winkers. Now there’s a special breed.
Exercise the weird little connections you make with other people. They feel like nothing, but I’m pretty sure they’re everything in life.
New wall sculpture for the office. I quite like it.
Pulled the trigger on @PeersConf. Craft CMS + web design business + beer + sunshine in April? YES. can tell you if your job listing is sexist, among other things. Very cool idea.
A little old project, the Web Development Project Estimator, is now on Github as well:
Needed to pull out Slickmap for a project, so I moved it to Github:
This is a really outstanding way to refine a color palette that’s close, but not quite working:
RIP Flip. The Catbirds were so awesome when I was a kid. He brought home two CBA championships for La Crosse.
@brandclay Uggh.
from @avinash - Still the single best framework for pairing analytics and digital marketing that we've read -
@sryandotus You bet!
If you manufacture equipment and need a product animation to illustrate “how it works”, @drawskillc is your man. Incredibly talented.
Love this initiative from Arrowhead High School; a new, multi-million dollar #manufacturing center for students -
Help account reps engage customers by aligning your website with longer sales cycles #webdesign #contentmarketing -
“When you have the opportunity to be a hero to your customer, attack it.” – John F. Bergstrom (on how to set your business apart).

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