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RT @IyanlaVanzant: There R times in ur life when U simply have 2 be still. Being still does not mean doing nothing. It means consciously tu…
RT @IyanlaVanzant: You cannot fix your children and you cannot plan their lives. You can guide, support, nurture and love them in the best …
Everyday as an entrepreneur is a day to invent. Create a masterpiece daily.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Examine any reasons, excuses, limitations you may be holding onto. Take responsibility for getting rid of them.
RT @DrThaisSpeaks: Use your past as ingredients to become the cake your eating.-@IAmSteveHarvey
RT @IyanlaVanzant: God doesn't do anything halfway. When you trust God with your dreams, they will materialize better than you expect.
RT @DrThaisSpeaks: There are NO EXCUSES when it comes to putting in WORK. You need Discipline!-@IAmSteveHarvey
Winners show up ready to perform and are only interested in efforts that yield a path to achievement.
RT @DrThaisSpeaks: As long as God keeps waking you up, He has a plan for your life.-@IAmSteveHarvey
RT @IyanlaVanzant: When you don't know who you are, chances are you don't know what you want.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Be still. Shut down. Stop your movement just long enough to check up on yourself.
RT @BodaciousMary: You need to get comfortable with talking about yourself. http://t.co/kSrQeuAnMa
RT @IyanlaVanzant: As a nurturing source for life, water is the most powerful healing natural element ever known to man.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: As long as you do not accept reality, you are powerless to define the role that you will play
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Transformation is a life long process. Your daily spiritual practice makes the process a peace-full journey.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Are you present in the moment? If you are not, you could be missing the love, joy, and peace that are right here now.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Forgive yourself for everything you have thought, said or done that you may have told yourself could not be forgiven.
Great entrepreneurs are bold and courageous and their spirit is contagious.

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