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@askjcp @VivianRebello @ask is me, I think you mean your username (no dot).
RT @perlorg: Thanks to @fastly we now have TLS (and fast global service) on and
RT @ctp: Trump’s spending so much time at Mar-a-lago the headlines should read “Florida Man Makes Baseless Claim On Twitter.”
RT @susanthesquark: I wrote something up this weekend about my year at Uber, and why I left:
@krarick @rakyll Keeping UT1 and UTC within 1 seconds of each other is the reason for leap seconds because astronomers. (Dumb, I think).
@krarick @rakyll Switching to TAI would make new time stamps. Make leap seconds part of time zones instead of adding them adhoc.
@bradfitz NAT-PMP is a lot saner, if the thing you are talking to supports that.
RT @paulgear1: The culprit for the recent surge in traffic overwhelming the @NTPPool is @Snapchat
@tconrad Forward this internally if you can: ;
@tconrad The snapchat update last week appears to have caused severe trouble for the @NTPPool system; can you help?
RT @vahnee: If you say you're committed to diversity & inclusion, #osfeels is the conference to learn how to walk the walk. 💖…
RT @RichGBeaudoin: Great start to #gophercon day 2 @kytrinyx "Mind the Gap", lower the barrier to entry for #golang 👍👍👍💯💯💯
RT @francesc: "Fluency doesn't require proficiency" Great hindsight to keep in mind as a teacher Thanks @kytrinyx for an amazing talk 💓 #go…
RT @jkingyens: Remember when there was no internet, and computers were so boring you had to figure out how they worked for entertainment? f…
@zwoop @rasmus And 50 is "half-sixty". As Rasmus said, nobody thinks of it like that. They're just words.
“Not every shooting is preventable. But we’re not even trying.“
RT @SaraJBenincasa: Here's some #gunsense for you. Yes, that includes you, conservative. And you, liberal. And you, moderate. Pass it on ht…
@eanTweet Are the slides from your devopsdays talk available anywhere?
High trust culture (from @UberGeekGirl at #devopsdays)
RT @dshack: Such a lucid, simple explanation of complex stuff. I want more Dr. Nichols! #devopsdayssv #devopsdays

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