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1 Friends : New desktop: …and some Diwali lights. If you haven’t yet seen the 2010 Diwali Wallpaper, you can downlo... : Personal calling cards: Or business cards. After much heartburn and crumpled sheets of paper – I’ve ema... : Diwali 2010 Wallpaper: What a year 2010 has been! Roller-coaster! Tons of design and photography relate... : Books, Magazines and Stationery: Going to Landmark, Gurgaon, is like entering a wonderland. Always enou... : Logo sketching : events : Round One: THE TWEETS : one : TV box with the band name in it = events? Hmmm.... : Influencers: Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It ... : Grazia Magazine : Profile Feature: I’ve been featured on the Profile column in the September issue of G... : Monsoons : end of July: July ends today in another six hours approximately and I am looking forward to ... : Identity for the Indian Rupee: There’s been a lot of talk and discussion around the new identity for th... : Nifty little Twitter: Found via @tweetmydesign and made by @clickservernet – this thing is cool. Now if... : Pentagram’s What Type Are You: This microsite : is by @pentagra... : Circle Round The Park : Logo Design: This was the first logo I’ve ever designed for a band. The band is... : Job : Senior Web Developer: Senior Web Developer – Experience of at least 2-3 years of web development ... : Metaphor to illustrate how important a logo is to the overall brand image: The following is an excerpt ... : Tuhin Kumar : Logo Design: I’m working on a logo for @tuhinkumar for his personal / portfolio website h... : Calibre Works : Logo Design: This was another one of those logo design engagements that never got finis... : Creative brief & why: Why does the client have to fill in the creative brief? Wouldn’t you want your ca... : Design professionalism: I’ve had a glimpse of what it might be like to work with uncompromising standar... : I see a lot of BLUE in your logo designs. How and why?: ANSWER : Mostly because the client said so. Wha... : Tuhin Kumar : Logo Design #1: I’m working on a logo for @tuhinkumar for his personal / portfolio websit...

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