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It's crunch time to get those names checked off! Come holiday shop in our store. Peruse online to get an idea:
Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Snow White et al done up by Korean illustrator (spoiler alert: Beast is a tiger)
This lil' (perfect stocking stuffer) birdy sez our museum store is the best 4 holiday shopping
Mortal woman & Goddess Parvati fight sexual violence in India's 1st digital comic #StandWithPriya @priyas_shakti
Just does this painting make you feel? Hungry? Sad? Disturbed? #TetsuyaIshida
Boy are we ever! #mochiforever RT @nichibei @asianartmuseum are you hosting a mochitsuki (rice pounding) this year?
"You can ring our beeell...ring our bell doo doo doo doo doo" When else can u strike a museum objct? 12/31 #AnitaWard
Holiday shopping 4 kiddos is a cinch w/us. Peruse educational & fun goodies online or in store
RT @MuseumHack: Seen at @asianartmuseum, what would be in your Art Explorer Pack? #museumed #Museums #itweetmuseums
.@MuseumHack Ugh so brokenhearted now. Was it something we said? Something we did? Do we smell bad? PS: we take rainchecks very srsly
.@MuseumHack Um, excuse me, was that taken in real time? In other words are you here right now and if so why aren't in a museum embrace rn?
RT @MuseumHack: Loving this breakdown for visitors of the item info cards at the entrance to @asianartmuseum
60 years of portraits illustrate subtle(?) changes in Chinese history/man's wardrobe. Photography is an amazing thing
This awesome concert is happening Sunday. Diff genres of music old & new merging in a celebratory way #RoadsofArabia
Is this how we're all feeling b/c it's finally Friday? Maybe do this a few times in your workplace? #vogue #TGIF
Oh hey, no big deal, just the world's largest #poinsettia hanging out w/staffer Anita. A gift from our landscaper!
RT @SFSymphony: @asianartmuseum Sadly SF Symphony had to cancel Burt Bacharach's concert tonight. Refunds available after 10am Friday 415-8…
"Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"--famous tune's writer #BurtBacharach plays tonight at @SFSymphony #BayAreaStorm
Wanna be chill like this cool guy in #Stormageddon #Stormpocalypse? Click here: #BayAreaStorm
Perfect for the finicky foodies in yr life (there's always at least 1), in our store or online

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