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RT @MFinney: FREE STUFF: This Sunday you can enjoy free admission to the @exploratorium, @asianartmuseum and the @oaklandmuseumca! http://t…
A very rare (and funny-named) #Megamouth shark washed up in Philippines (less than 70 ever spotted) cc: @calacademy
Tour the museum tmw w/sterling comedians @mrdavehill & @carlarnheiter, part of #SFSketchfest. Get yr yuks on w/art!
@kristinXYZ @EvolvingCritic Whoa y'all are totally making our day. Thanks so much for the sweet #museumlove. Glad you get what we're about
Yes! Let's blow the "All Purpose Yardage" outta the water RT @popphilo @asianartmuseum perhaps ppl should "touch down" at the museum on Sun?
Every1's talkin' #DeflateGate but we're just "deflated" that #RoadsofArabia's over. Get us "pumped": come see #TetsuyaIshida & our galleries
RT @TheMarcSmith: #30DaysInSF #SanFrancisco has a wealth of museums to see, I explored the @asianartmuseum & loved it…
So much art in the bldg...we forget to (humble)brag about all the displays. Like this contemp Japanese #ceramics one
.@MuseumHack Seems like Harry might be drunk on happiness from being in our Himalayan galleries. Yay! Thanks for playing in our galleries
RT @MuseumHack: @asianartmuseum Hello!! We are here now, walking around upstairs and enjoying the works.
The best present for yr ears & soul: @caribouband's whopping 1,000 song playlist. Jams from all over the world & eras
RT @gobsmackd: Fancy Meeting You Here is coming to the @asianartmuseum for @SFSketchfest! 5 comedians. 4 fake tours. Real Art.…
.@warriors have #ChineseNewYear uniforms w/ram, Chinese colors & motifs. It's a festive "slam dunk" #NBACNY #warriors
RT @plragde: One highlight (among several) of the Asian Art Museum was Tetsuya Ishida's hallucinatory paintings.
Hey! An early bird discount to 2/19 Seduction Opening Party. Get down w/#TheFloatingWorld @PlanetMidori @livinproof
Frank Wong creates breathtakingly detailed, poignant mini dioramas about life in SF Chinatown. On view at @chsamuseum
If you're a member, today you+1 get in free to @Jewseum @MoADsf @ybca @cartoonart @deyoungmuseum @WDFMuseum + more
Hi @TwitterSF, we know you're busy but didja know we're giving our Twitter followers free admission thru 2/18? Just thought you'd wanna know
RT @BAMPFA: Member-for-a-day! BAM/PFA members receive free admission at @asianartmuseum @Jewseum @oaklandmuseumca @ybca @ucgarden @cartoona…
If you're a member, tomorrow you+1 get in free to @Jewseum @MoADsf @ybca @cartoonart @deyoungmuseum @WDFMuseum + more

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HI there. We're the largest museum in the western world devoted exclusively to Asian art. Thanks for following us!

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