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RT @yakyakker: (Reaction to #LeonardNimoy’s passing) Forlorn Woman 1800-25 #Udaipur @asianartmuseum Ink watercolors gold on paper http://…
RIP, #LeonardNimoy RT @TheRealNimoy A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory #LLAP
RT @BarackObama: "Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy." —President Obama #LLAP
The heartbreaking ISIS destruction of priceless art, & @metmuseum director's official response to "mindless attack"
@BourbonExplorer Not to clear either, so just taking it at face value. We're big fans too of @margaretcho and agree with you.
"Will the real Margaret Cho please stand up?" Bummer it's scrawled on our building, but hey, @margaretcho shout out!
hey @BobaGuys, which of your locations is best to Postmate a delivery to museum? A handful of thirsty staffers want to know. & approx cost?
Sadly we don't have a #llama in our collection, but this is sort of close, right? #TeamLlama
"I am so bored of hearing so much about Asian culture in SF!"-one's comment on some internet article. BUT ASIAN ART/CULTURE IS NEAT. Right?
"The stellar artworks on view mythologize an Oz of the senses"-@eBARnews review on Seduction #TheFloatingWorld
Is anyone counting down the days to @CAAM's #CAAMFest2015? Film fest on steroids (music, food, etc). Kicks off 3/12
@thebolditalic just broke news that you can 1) order #girlscoutcookies online 2) look up closest booth/vendor YESSS
Tonight: @merolaopera at our place. Arias & folk songs for yr ears & good art for yr eyes. All for yr pleasure
RT @PlanetMidori: The Edo version of the Swimsuit issue w bathing babes #thefloatingworld @asianartmuseum #sanfrancisco……
New racially diverse #emoji set include "Asians" which literally are Simpsons-yellow, & some folks are annoyed
Ordering coffee in SF, the not-so-exaggerated parody from @EBTNews #EBTN. I think we can all sorta relate?
So stoked for @merolaopera perf here on Thurs. Asian folk songs + Western arias + our galleries + #TheFloatingWorld
Cool museum / art news: mummy discovered inside a Buddha statue in Norway!
RT @humphryslocombe: Salt & Pepper ice cream is Pink, Cubeb and Szechuan pepper with Maldon salt. Yes, really. #lickthat…
@laragazza_sf @PlanetMidori lookin' real good there. Thanks again! #TheFloatingWorld

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