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$SCBTC Sia Coin I See A Nice Rise Coming - $SCBTC chart
$ZEC USD Show Me Zee Cash - $ZECUSD chart
I Made The Right $RISE With You - $RISEBTC chart
$MTL Putting The Metal To The Pedal - $MTLBTC chart
Catch The $WAVE - $WAVESBTC chart
$KMD Komodo Cup & Handle Interruptus - $KMDBTC chart
$ANT Aragon Can It Go Lower? - $ANTBTC chart
$ADX AdEx Moving Up As Advertised - $ADXBTC chart
$BTS BitShares About To Share It All - $BTSBTC chart
$XMRBTC Show Me The Monero - $XMRUSD chart
@RNR_0 I'm looking for a few people to not follow me. I hate when people make money from my charts and calls....
ZEN Forming a Bullish Pattern? - $ZENBTC chart
XEL - Elastic Snapping Back Up - $XELBTC chart
ZEC Zen Like Rise Expected - $ZECUSD chart
STORJ And Tea - $STORJBTC chart
@OregonGovBrown @Forbes Guess they didn't actually spend any time there
QTUM Poised For Quantum Jump - $QTUMBTC chart
Salty on SALT? - $SALTBTC chart
BTC USD Retrace Down Then Boom UP! - $BTCUSD chart
BTC USD One Way To 4K - $BTCUSD chart

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