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#Louvre: Delacroix - The Barque of Dante
Voltaire: Candide and Martin are approaching the coasts of France, and they are reasoning
A New Life (9)
Lovre: François Clouet - Elisabeth of Austria (1554-1592), Wife of Charles IX and Queen of France (1570 - 1574)…
Voltaire: What happened on the sea to Candide and Martin
Louvre collections: Eastern antiquities and arts of Islam
Louvre: Van Dyck - Charles I at the Hunt This portrait is a legendary masterpiece.
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Book: A New Life A simple and real story. About love, dreams, achievements and disappointments.…
Voltaire: What happened to them in Surinam, and how Candide got to know Martin
Louvre: Jan Van der Meer (Vermeer) - The Lacemaker
Louvre: Lancret - Conversation Lancret! What a delightful epoch and how many beautiful things evokes the name!…
A new life (7)
Voltaire, Candide: What they saw in the land of Eldorado
Louvre: Correggio- Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine
Book (Livre): The Mystery of the Golden Stars (Le mystère des étoiles d'or) - An adventure in the European Union…
Voltaire: Arrival of Candide and his valet in the land of Eldorado, and what they saw there
New Book (Carte nouă): ABC Petits Contes (Scurte povestiri) Livre bilingue français/roumain pour enfants…
Louvre: Hans Holbein - Erasmus
Voltaire: What happened to the two travelers with two daughters, two monkeys, and the wild ones named Mumps…

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