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@IndySportsHutch Defense,a little motion offense from what I understand,and his team's also score, should make everyone happy.
@ZachOsterman Most fun since Laettner which was the gift that keeps giving.
@bigtengeek @insidethehall This still ranks way below the many years of enjoyment that Christian Laettner gave me.
@bigtengeek @insidethehall I could watch this for hours. #iubb
@AssemblyCall Will be interesting to see how some of the current players look under a new coach.
@IUBB_Hoosiers let them win championship and then punish them. It's the NCAA Way.
@CrimsonCast And does that mean the coaches already out,are eliminated. If so,the field is really narrow now.
@AndyBottoms I like the idea of rooting for Alford to succeed and not having to watch his teams play on a consistent basis.
@AssemblyCall A team mirrors the way the coach played when he was in college.
@Small_Gov_Cons @CrimsonCastwas so stupid I figured what explanation could there b We let them score so we can play faster faster faster
@Small_Gov_Cons @CrimsonCast Ha,2years ago IU playing matador D giving open layups,Crean saying we need to take the ball out of bound faster
@CrimsonCast I didn't say Ucould win with it. If u have a better explanation why UCLA and IU like to leave shooters open, I'm all ears.
@CrimsonCast u don't understand strategy.U let the other team score quicklymakes them play faster thanthey want, takes them outta their game
@insidethehall Happy and sad face. No matter what potential coach you mention,some happy,some sad. That's my interpretation.
@CrimsonCast yea, but sometimes it is,West Virginia looked panicked.
@AssemblyCall don't know if true. Heard no team has won national championship without top 20 defense. Seems that makes it priority
@JayHorrey @AssemblyCall we played fast under Crean and it was not fun to watch. Defense and Turnovers, drove me mad, pick your poison.
@bradwalpole5 @CrimsonCast Fred Glass in Heltonville reliable source,estranged husband of the niece of the guy that works@bait shop #iubb
@AssemblyCall my first thought is,he should really learn to dribble first. He was having difficulty as the main focus.
@insidethehall seems like that puts Bryant in a bind. Risk not making it,sit out a year, or stay where he's at.

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