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Reply to @Naughty_Dog and send questions for our launch night stream. See you Monday night!
@Magor34 That was if we were lucky to even get a stable connection to the wifi. It was dropping most of the time.
@Magor34 @sledgehammer70 Well I checked a recent hotel from our last tour and... yep, this was 100% accurate 🤣
@JamesStevenson Which polls? :p
@Magor34 @Naughty_Dog Also thanks! Hope you enjoy it. It's almost here!
@Magor34 @sledgehammer70 Ususally my hotels are booked by our EU office travel. :p Maybe I'll see if they can use…
@sledgehammer70 @Magor34 You should tell me where you stay there then. Except a couple cities/hotels, it's usually been super hit or miss.
@Magor34 @sledgehammer70 I've sometimes found public space internet more reliable than in-room internet, btw.
@Magor34 @sledgehammer70 Having done more than a few tours through Europe, it's part the inconsistency by country,…
@sledgehammer70 @HiltonNewsroom @HiltonHonors Welcome to internet in Europe?
Our final trailer before release. It's a good one. Can't wait to get this out there!
@raiden @SarahWellock84 So happy I am not near the both of you
@garywhitta We've got 34 amendments to get through before that happens. Get to work!
Yes, like that one. Nice to see you as the author!
RT @artassignbot: Make a role-playing game about cents, due on Thu, Aug 4.
@booncotter That's what I thought from time to time. And then I went somewhere where I was wet for 3 days, down to…
@mikeBithell @joshscherr @Sliwinski Haha thanks! We're chuffed!
@joshscherr Yeah, pulling an Apple and dropping a new game just like that without warning. Congrats @mikeBithell @Sliwinski and team!
@break_dexter na sicher!
@JimmyRowe1994 Saturday

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I work @Naughty_Dog, a video game developer for PlayStation. I do community, PR, social media, marketing and more. I sometimes play video games.

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