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My architecture notebook featured in a 'Architecture' treasury! Thanks @BeneathNorthernSkies
Williamsburg Notepad is featured here! @Etsy
A few more days left to get #stockingstuffers Unique notepads. #teamupcyclers
Sold & Relisted: Personalized Map Jotters. @Etsy #stockingstuffer
New: Another architect notepad - because all others sold out! @Etsy #eco #stockingstuffer
Last minute #stockingstuffers for US customers! Notepads & Mini Jotters. @Etsy #teamupcyclers
'Bright, Brilliant Upcycled Gifts' @Etsy
Learn the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with our jotter! @Etsy #eco #stockingstuffer
My notepad is included in this cute 'Stocking Stuffers' treasury! @Etsy
Learn a bit about Southern Africa in a Map Jotter. @Etsy #teamupcyclers #eco
Glowing by Catherine via @Etsy
Greenpoint, Brooklyn Mini Notepad - makes a great #stockingstuffer @Etsy #teamupcyclers
My mini jotter included in this fab 'Gifts for Teacher' treasury! @Etsy Thanks @norajane
Stocking stuffers galore! Stock up and don't be a grinch. @Etsy #eco
Butternut squash is the bees knees! So yum!
Traveling to Hong Kong? We've got a notebook for you! #teamupcyclers #eco
Hipster Williamsburg Mini Notepad. Great #stockingstuffer Use code FREESHIP #cybermondayetsy
Sold & Relisted: Personalized Map Jotters. #cybermondayetsy #eco
For the Architects in your life - a jotter for their notes! #teamupcyclers #cybermondayetsy
Personalized #stockingstuffers for the holidays. Use code FREESHIP @Etsy #cybermondayetsy

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