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I can't believe the number of people who inadvertendly @reply me. Don't they know how replies work?
Disappointed that some of my old Twitter apps are going to stop working once the 1.1 API deadline -- too complex to update old code.
RT @humor: This is a another test #eurocbi
RT @humor: This is a test #eurocbi
This is a fourth test #eurotwedding
Congrats to the Chilean miners!
@zombocom, one of my favorite accounts, seems to have gone silent. Victom of oauthocalypse?
I do not want to join your Mafia family, people. Stop asking me.
I upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 because it looks good
Prices of apartments seem to be slowly decreasing
Check out the Most Viewed Properties feature on Corcoran...
Great thread on StreetEasy I've been following:
I am obsessed with NY apartments - and are great sites for wasting time this way

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