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Help Youth and Families Stay Involved in your Church Are you looking for a way to help keep young people and...
Why do so many youth “depart from the way?” Timothy House - Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training Survey (12...
I think I am in love with someone else
We are making progress! PTL! :)
Journalistic techniques you can use for #elearning: via @elearningcoach
Some of the biggest myths about learning:
One family gives their reasons to #homeschool. What are your reasons?
Cloud-based Technologies and the Future of #eLearning: via @interactyx
Are you looking for supplemental educational materials for your homeschooler this fall? Check out our curriculum at
How do you feel about your kids playing games in the classroom? Is it beneficial? via @EdTech_K12
When it comes to collaborative learning, a top-down approach won't work: via @interactyx
Do you personally learn better on your own? Or in a group of people dedicated to learning?
5 Tips to Keep Your Child from Falling Behind over the Summer: via @enroll HT: @goldenreflect
If God told you he'd give you the deepest desires of your heart, what would you ask for? #Questions
Does learning happen at school? If so, it happens by accident. Check out this video and give us your thoughts:
RT @professorolsen: Collaborative environments creat a safe environment for adult learning almost instantly. No icebreaker needed.
The popularity of collaborative learning is growing. Read this article from @gil_global #elearning
Collaborative learning leads to deeper learning: via @edutopia
10 Thoughts on eLearning: via @upsidelearning

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