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The CIA's Twitter account posts a tweet about a Tupac Shakur conspiracy theory.
People challenges readers to answer "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" million-dollar questions.
There are seven things to do when stumped during an interview, like ask questions.
Brian Greene offers online science courses
The case of Terri Schiavo still raises questions.
Women require a higher threshold of certainty before giving their opinions.
all the superbowl commercials in one place without ads … awesome job
.@gopro releases the most insane car crash video ever -- scary!
Top news: suspicious backpack at Boston Marathon #BostonStrong, #BloodMoon. TL;DR version of the trending stories:
TL;DR: Top news roundup: US Airways, Pulitzer, Michael Phelps, and Mad Men. Sparknotes meets Google News, click here:
Top news recap: #heartbleed bug, #coachella, #bmw #OLED tail lights. For all the top daily stories, check out:
TL;DR version of the top news stories: #FranklinRegional, @flash2gordon coming out, @Trevor_Linden Check it out here:
Top News Roundup: Mike Gillis fired from Canucks, #RuinARomCom, #EqualPay, Windows XP support ends. Never miss a beat
Top News: possible #mh370 black box signal, #peachesRIP, RIP #MickeyRooney, #GameOfThones premiere. Read it here:
Top News: #FortHood Hero, @GrubHub IPO, @Nest Lab recall & Jon Hamm on a 90s game show:
This is an awesome twitter handle. I know.
You can't go wrong with a good puffy vest.

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