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@trishapaytas Trisha, can you make a videos about your ten favorite books?
@trishapaytas I have so much admiration for your dedication and hard work! You really inspire me. And girl, you are so so beautiful!
RT @FabienDeglise: #RomainGary, auteur du 1er roman écologiste, aurait eu 100 ans aujourd'hui.
North Korean screed against Obama illustrates 'race-based' worldview - Washington Post ~ illogical of course... #DPRK
@WhatTheFFacts: DPRK - these people are so brainwashed...bless their heart.
Blessing in disguise is usually behind every bad things happening in my life. The idea is not to dwell.
More of the same in technicolor.
Nothing´s happening and it's getting weird. I might have to sleep to wakeup. We love the morning moon. The end.
Appa Odiga? weekend and hopefully precious time with good friends...
@andredemers1 I Aced it
Focussing on inner bliss and architecture exam. #peacegeometryandlove #fb
If all chewed up and digested food equals crap, what do you make of all chewed up and digested information? #fb
@andredemers1 bien. Donc tu ne seras pas le prochain Babikian?
@BloombergNews @andredemers1 how does that translate for you André?
Here's an important message :
@FauveFauteux moi 6h, je ne suis pas reposée du tout. Peut-être une petite sieste en pm vu le temps gris. ;)
@Reuters it's so logic it's killing my mental capacities.
Senator Duffy, another friggin gangster! Is there any honest people left in politics? It's always about money and rarely about the people.

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