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amazing job! sonoma fire info for people near and far... https://t.co/uBxRraFkNm
mom coming in with a hot take https://t.co/jipS3GfoFy
today i learned https://t.co/sgrRu1j1Wh
good news! twitter brought back the ICYMI "see less often" dropdown. bad news! i said "see less often" every time w
@PaloAltoPolice do you think embarcadero will be closed down near webster?
oprah has a teahouse just for reading the morning paper and i am so here for it https://t.co/c07AEkusFE https://t.co/QPuXnMDfXy
tfw you ate too much breakfast https://t.co/8Gfu5OpX7x
@SlackHQ @themotherofcode thanks 👌
@SlackHQ @themotherofcode is there a keystroke combination for clearing all unreads when you’re *in* All Unreads?
@jbrewer as a designer who works with github every day, i think @goabstract has been reading my diary
@artypapers story resolved via tl;dr! 💯
@artypapers as a reader, i would like to gain insights from reading this medium post
Just posted a video @ Oakland Zoo https://t.co/C1no7XiMBB
exploring @brandcolors swatches
wikipedia ain't got no time for that https://t.co/Vk1C8UiFtk
@ywxwy it’s super confusing when two people have the same random default one too

it’s easy to see how much care @walkercobrands puts in their products. excited to try @formbeauty for better hair care without more effort!
@annekate yeah i know :(
@annekate they also have templates, but you have to set them up ahead of time. https://t.co/U92wvsfDI2
@annekate https://t.co/mGPYymqeen has great auto-replies that you can tab to, but they’re canned and not based on w
TFW your database leaves you https://t.co/7LLs7DQN9n

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