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@pascalblanche His oil paintings are utterly stunning in the flesh, reproductions don't do them justice! He is a ve… https://t.co/4b3WjZLloT
@Richmond_FC in the Grand Final again!! Watched the Tigers win in 80' #AFLTigersGiants #PelimFinals
@coldesign_ltd @GANEMYDE Glad someone did mate!
Brings back memories.. https://t.co/yvHqyCMzfi
@NevillePage @glenn_hetrick @startrekcbs Oh yeah!!
RT @70sscifiart: Vicente Segrelles https://t.co/StONIwfYLW https://t.co/pS2YE7OoJR
@_samuelcooke @nbsparth @CalumAWatt @thisnorthernboy @Spudonkey Great start Sam, keep it up! Who knows, you might i… https://t.co/fr9g9HzhsF
RT @archillect: https://t.co/mwSWRvn57i
@coldesign_ltd Not bad, steady teaching, some actual matte painting work at the moment. First matte work since 09'
@_matt_baldwin John Carpenter's 'The Reptilian'
@_matt_baldwin God awful poster..
RT @tyrannojones: Cover rough. This is basically how everything I do starts out. Get an idea compositionally and build from there up. https…
@sci_fi_o_rama Welcome back Kieran!
@coldesign_ltd Good to hear you're busy ol chum!
RT @gitsost: 4000 signatures for @iamclintmansell @lornebalfe Ghost in the Shell OST!! Release it @ParamountPics @ParamountMovies !! https…
RT @mackchater: RIP Harry Dean Stanton. Absolute legend. One of a kind. https://t.co/F96fyrXBMb
@PaulRMQ Right..
Awesome, thank you Neil! Glad you got something out of it! https://t.co/Vi9fureXgm
RT @mackchater: This page by Al Williamson is INCREDIBLE. One of my favourite artists.#genius https://t.co/DTPr3VVO71
@KerstinAdeleArt No wings?

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