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Did you know that you are beautiful, just the way that you are..... #motivation #inspiration #beauty... https://t.co/k3DX5g9yMi
Soy wax candles make the perfect addition to freshen your home or office. Angelic Soaps and Gifts 🎁 #soywax... https://t.co/fEaNYacnzm
Open this evening from 4:00pm until 7:00pm. Come visit with us and sample some of our skin nourishing bath gifts.... https://t.co/mQMBPOzc5Q
Come out and have fun learning how to craft your very own batch of bath soap. Sin-up for February soap making... https://t.co/Gu2SS3pCHF
Come out and have fun learning how to craft your very own batch of bath soap. Sin-up for February soap making... https://t.co/auKppkMhdZ
Amore ❤️ soothe dry skin + show that special someone just how special they are. Angelic Soaps and Gifts... https://t.co/y2JrEhELDF
Please go to the link below and help Angelic soaps and Gifts to gain more votes.... https://t.co/kLsSQtn4IZ
We gain so much enjoyment sharing with our students, the soap making process. Angelic Soaps and Gifts 🎁 #soap... https://t.co/xIDreKfvAE
Wedding favors designed and customized just for you. Give your special guest a memory of your special day. #bride... https://t.co/ekmwgSmbCv
Lovely mother and daughter soap making session on today. Soap making fun...... #soapmaking #skincare #class... https://t.co/oKlkCAZoMG
Angelic Soaps and Gifts artisan crafted bath and body gifts make the perfect gifts to show love to that special... https://t.co/1IibUWs1a1
Show that special someone just how much you love them. Give them a uniquely hand crafted gift to pamper their... https://t.co/nhhnQwZHoQ
It's a new year, learn a new skill. Come learn how to make bath soap for your own personal use or learn how to... https://t.co/EvmaHoNCIY
Moisturizing coconut oil-cocoa butter-beeswax mixed together in a solid lotion bar to pamper and protect dry skin... https://t.co/qBnJvSjhLY
Show your skin some love. Works wonders on dry skin and feet, soothes razor bumps and protects skin from harsh... https://t.co/18vfplIcHg
https://t.co/kOF0FGbon6 https://t.co/E7Qk05EuCs
Angelic Soaps and Gifts Shamp "Doo" bar perfect for travel and gently cleanses tresses + Green Clay and Tea Tree... https://t.co/tIej0xTPHr
Artisan crafted African Shea Butter body cream. Awesome skin protectant during cold weather season. #skincare... https://t.co/V4TaRcJFLl
Angelic Soaps and Gifts will be open on tomorrow from 4:00pm until 7:00 pm. We chose to be open late to offer... https://t.co/s5j2Vxkzax

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Wife,Mother of three little girls,Production worker ,and Soapmaker and owner of Angelic Soaps and Gifts

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