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Delighted to be supporting @wearejustworks through work placements. Find out more about the project here:
@jaggeree Would love to meet up. Been doing agency stuff that matters but trying a different approach in 2017:
@iainbroome Hey you cheapskate! Check this out :-)
RT @TimetoChange: Listening to someone with a mental health problem is often more effective than offering solutions:
Looking forward to being a mentor on this. If you are a non-profit needing help then please come along!
The top 8 billionaires in the world own half of the planet's wealth. Think about what that actually means...
Fancy a summer internship at @nhsdigital in Leeds? Then check this out:
@BarnsleyBiz Thanks. Sounds like a problem with Eventbrite. Hopefully I'll be there on 30th.
@BarnsleyBiz I didn't receive an update email via Eventbrite. Oh well. Hopefully nobody else was affected.
@BarnsleyBiz Did you email people that had booked on the AI DMC event this evening? I've just turned up to be told it's rescheduled to 30th
What it takes to launch a sharing economy platform: (Could we do this in #SharingSheffield ?)
RT @DrRobCopeland: Connecting existing assets across Sheffield is key to changing culture #sharingsheffield @movemoresheff #movemore
This is the sharing economy platform used by Kirklees council that I'm involved with: @comoodle #SharingSheffield
That's only 13 years away. What are we going to do about it?
Crikey! According to the World Health Organisation, by 2030 it is expected that depression will be the leading cause of world disability.
RT @antonmc: So happy to share my 'presence, personality and pulse' talk from @nodeconfar last November #ambientdata #iot #nodejs #AI #IBMw…
Looking forward to taking part in #ShapingSheffield tomorrow and sharing @yoomeehq's experience of co-creation:…
Check out my latest post on the @yoomeehq blog.
@VictoriaBetton definitely potential though.
@VictoriaBetton A few teething problems :-)

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Founder of Agile web agency @yoomeehq that makes cool social web platforms for social change. Geek, father, husband, Lotus fan and keen fencer - touché!

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