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RT @pelotonmagazine: Talansky 1, broom wagon 0. #TdF
A little brisk on today's 22-miler over lunch. #worthit
This winter is resilient, I'll give it that.
Well this day just got a whole lot better. #Cardinals
Now that the #Olympics are over, I have to try and remember what I used to watch on television.
Headed to the Windy City.
RT @theRedVictor: A very sensible and balanced view of one of the most talked about car topics . This is Andrew Wolf of...…
Not sure what's worse, that the POTUS is lying through his teeth, or that over half of America is eating it up. #lipservice
I don’t watch college basketball, but I’ll certainly do a bracket for a billion dollars…
All of these.
Almost 30 and my go-to lunch is still Spaghetti-O’s and PBJ. All that’s missing is my trusty Ninja Turtles lunchbox.
Ready to crank out some miles this year...right after Mother Nature decides to play nice.
RT @WCL_Shawn: Beautiful aerial pic of an icy & cold Chicago [via my pilot friend Hank Cain]
Seen a lot of things at the track, but this is a first...
It's been an annual proclamation, but I'm really going to start using Twitter this time. #unsocial
Dragzine's Thursday coverage from the Street Car Super Nationals. #SCSN9
@MikeNeffJFR pouring the coals @ Indy.
A few of my images from the Shakedown At E'Town!
After a couple year hiatus, back on Twitter. Let's do this thing!

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