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@soundsbysal great meeting you! #SVVR2017 https://t.co/lGD42Qr39N
Will be @SVVRLIVE today & tmrw tweeting on #SVVR2017 tag - looking for mixed reality producers, artists & experiments #live #media
RT @RhiannonSL: Nominate and help find the winner of @medialab $250,000.00 #Disobedience Award! #civic acts for good. https://t.co/mGPoTuuI…
This 🔥 https://t.co/IEd0IMefvz
I like series and narrative stories about groups of female warriors and sages. What would you recommend I watch/read/explore?
@Hyperledger I am sending a few clients to you, thank you for being so easy to find!
@Halcyon @amandapalmer you two are 💖🔥💖 Amanda, I think you were the first performer I ever photographed. 1997, Harvard Square, in the art 💖
@nicoleradziwill inspiring forces 🌀⚡ My first screenplay was set in 3 thunderstorms in the gothic south... Fierce weather powers allegory
Since Congress oscillates between gutless & tainted, TV can lead #IndependentInvestigation - up for it @colbertlateshow @LastWeekTonight?
It is time for every morning & late night talk show host to up the game again and give Sally Yates time to speak pu… https://t.co/nVPC5brfxS
RT @Mikel_Jollett: LET'S BE CLEAR: with his comment, O'Reilly is saying he won't take her seriously bc she is a black woman. https://t.co/…
Data Strangling! 'I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations' Victoria Herrmann op ed https://t.co/ww4mHMkjTa
Nunes & Flynn are 🤔😈🚨 First....let's hear what Sally Yates has to say! Interview her on camera, under oath, ASAP… https://t.co/LM9kxhEdgF
Seeing each other is the key to healing....not empty promises or blame The deep story behind ‘red state rage’ https://t.co/svsvdhjUei
Focus on: 🖌creativity 🗞integration 🔍critical thinking 🎤communication skills to be effective in era of AI &… https://t.co/o7VSxV5UUQ
RT @twistedcat: White House sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia https://t.co/3gt0MfadL7
RT @KamalaHarris: We need to provide people with access to an attorney if their liberties are at stake. That’s why I introduced the Access…
Missing you dear @PumpkinSounds - One Year Later, a Beloved DJ's Death Has United a Scene https://t.co/J3zOMfhjKG via @LAWeeklyMusic
Bodypainting life goals 💖🎨 https://t.co/HMS6TMRK9I
@nicoleradziwill but we're not a band....we're a movement. Black cat hats. Cheerleader skirts for music videos... Are you in @James_Hanusa?

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