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RT @KitcoNewsNOW: Geologist Behind Fruta Del Norte Now Looking For Two 'Lost Cities Of #Gold' In Ecuador | Kitco News @neils_C https://t.c…
RT @JamesGRickards: Can you see black swans coming? Sure. I show how in 8 minutes. Go to full screen; play it loud:…
RT @Rincewind_Z: Gold Prices Fall amid Dollar Strengthening Following Smooth US-Japan Summit, Silver Touched New… b…
RT @KitcoNewsNOW: VIDEO: Don’t Count #Gold Out Just Because #Dollar's Going Up: RBC’s @futuresgeorge | @DanielaCambone |…
RT @KitcoNewsNOW: VIDEO: If History Is Right, #Gold Should Do This Post-#Election | @DanielaCambone |…
Check it out! I donated to Help Glenn & Erin Hamilton via @gofundme
IMF Approves Reserve Currency Status for China's Yuan. Take care of YOUR Future. 3055426712
"Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan." -John L. Beckley (US Author 1913-1998) #quoteoftheday
Rollercoaster Crash: Top 4 Reasons For Deflation - Hidden Secrets Of Mon... via @YouTube
Russia Sees Gold Reserves As “Additional Financial Cushion” In Face Of “External Uncertainties”
Russia Sees Gold Reserves As “Additional Financial Cushion” In Face Of “External Uncertainties” via @goldcore
Report: New EPA Rules Could Raise Energy Prices in47States via @realalexjones Are you ready?
China welcomesIMF backing to make yuan worldreservecurrency via @realalexjones Are you ready?
Dow closes down 200; stocks post worst week since August. Pay attention! Solution - Economic Infographics via TheRuleofDemons. We OWE China, correct? Watch to understand how to create a PERSONAL Solution. Instability in these governments, people rebel in the streets.
@grandgraphics #TigerTechBash #karatbarsalma #miamimarlinspark
RT @KitcoNewsNOW: #Commodities At Inflection Point; Ignore #Gold's 'Short-term Noise' - Holmes|@DanielaCambone http…
#karatbars and #bertoliva #bowa #makeithappen #gold #24kgoldgram Protect your real money!

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