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Happy Birthday Eric Thorstad's Birthday!
Mommy Signed Her Up For Preschool. Her 'Rundown' Of The Day Has The Internet In Laughter https://t.co/Ta9uf3RxOk
Donald Trump says Rebel Alliance must also take blame for violence as Death Star had all the required permits https://t.co/3FZ8xVvoiV
Pence responds to Trump remarks: 'I stand with the president' https://t.co/vZaCSaW82y
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Happy Birthday Kristin Fedor's Birthday!
RT @JoyAnnReid: Charlottesville white supremacist marcher gets ID’d on Twitter and loses job at hot dog restaurant https://t.co/U2a4L2IkXb
RT @KeithOlbermann: So it's @godaddy and @tikibrand showing Moral Force that @realdonaldtrump couldn't muster in a thousand lifetimes. http…
RT @amjoyshow: #Trump’s initial response to #Charlottesville draws criticism https://t.co/2jt8GiJLzX via @amjoyshow
RT @politicususa: Opinion: Under Trump, NRA Rhetoric Evolves From Oblivious To Reckless via @politicususa https://t.co/tPc45tT31a #p2 #ctl
RT @RBReich: We must be vigilant. But we must not use violence.
RT @RBReich: The most powerful force against hate is not more hate. It's widespread, unified, tenacious moral condemnation.
RT @DavidCornDC: But only one party made common cause with the alt right & embraced a birther who won't condemn white nationalists & Nazis.…
RT @DavidCornDC: Are they in a coma? He doesn't want to unite the country. That's the point. https://t.co/vM5VZDZT2N
RT @amjoyshow: White nationalist rally in Virginia linked to three deaths https://t.co/G8jYxWXrpz via @amjoyshow

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