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As usual, a thoughtful view on the politics of today
The Perfect Epitaph on the Gravestone of This Age of Unreason via @BillMoyers
RT @paulkrugman: God bless America
Tell it like it is. America the Banana Republic via @BillMoyers
This is cool. The iPad Glove - A Cardini Tribute
RT @JRubinBlogger: Kellyanne Conway: Anyone in Public Office Who Has Mistreated Women Should 'Step Aside' she will…
@Everleap Can't access my site or the everleap control panel...are you having problems today?
Right - Just say no - Trump: “Really great advertising" will keep kids off drugs via @axios
RT @Cartergoodrich2: it's difficult to effectively parody the man: everything about him is low hanging fruit. He's already a walking, talki…
Sober thoughts - Silent Republicans have their reasons. They don't have an excuse. via @YahooNews
Just launched our Mindful USC app. Forever free. Will be improving this quickly.
@JRubinBlogger - the best writer re: our current situation - I'm not buying the new conventional wisdom about Trump
and this is now our president
The strangest definition of compassion ever - Sessions: Trump Ending DACA Out of ‘Compassion’ via @thedailybeast
From a person who doesn't understand mindfulness - Mindfulness would be good for you. If it weren’t so selfish.
You can guess when that time will be - Mattis to troops: "Hold the line" until U.S. is less divided
This is great! The President of Blank Sucking Nullity
RT @MarkSZaidEsq: Stupid is as stupid does. Our @POTUS. Apparently advice from NASA and all eye drs is fake news too. SMH…
He will be remembered 4 the havoc of the future - Trump administration just disbanded committee on climate change
RT @RyanLizza: Compromise Trump would accept: replace all Confederate statues with statues of Trump.

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