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Welcome 2012. Happy New Year!
#Samsung releases YP-R2 and YP-Z3 DAP supporting Melon and #mp3HD - @mp3_HD via @AkihabaraNews
#MP3: Scientific Attempt To Create Most Annoying Song Ever. EVER!!! - via @Wired
RT @mp3_hd: Hello everyone, voting for the Sound Souvenirs 100 chart has now finished, we will be revealing the top 10 tracks voted by y ...
RT @camera5: 100 pioneering tracks selected by 10 influential music ambassadors @mp3_hd
RT @mp3_hd: #Samsung is launching a new touchscreen-equipped media player #YPR2 supporting #mp3HD! Thanks @Next_Gadgets
RT @mp3_hd: The tools you need to experience mp3HD - mp3HD tools
RT @TrichardNow: Support mp3HD Sound Souvenirs music chart by voting your favourite tracks into the top 10! #mp3HD
RT @mp3_hd: Ok...we're into week three of voting. We will reveal who's in the top ten! #mp3HD
RT @mp3_hd: Everything you ever wanted to know about mp3 #mp3HD
RT @mp3_hd: Hi Madonna fans @MadonnaNation, if you love Frozen then please vote for it in the Sound Souvenirs 100 chart ...
RT @erhys: music lovers you may wan to check this out - keep it pure hey??? @mp3_hd
Very sp├ęcial #FF @mp3_HD - Help them preserve Music quality forever guys! It's your #Duty! - #mp3HD
Hey @RollingStone! Check out @mp3_HD campaign and vote to preserve music quality forever! - #CallOfDuty #mp3HD
RT @glyndot: Awesome, mp3hd > Sound Souvenirs (via @skinnybouffant)
We're into week 2 for voting on the Sound Souvenirs 100 chart be sure to cast your vote #mp3HD - @mp3_hd
What tracks would you have submitted to the Sound Souvenirs 100 chart? Let us know on our Facebook page #mp3HD - @mp3_hd
RT @mp3_hd: Daytrotter, this is a amazing music blog with fantastic illustrations.
RT @mp3_hd: #FF @SoulCulture @Punknews @largeheartedboy @roughtradeshops @DrownedinSound @thighmaster @sfj #mp3HD
RT @mp3_hd: #FF @ianthegroover @JimGellatly @DocPop @virberg @iancr @POLASINGER @MusicNewsWeb @ilovealcopop @ibizasonica #mp3HD

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