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@StephenLazotte @AlanDistro It would be fun to see people doing reviews, showing their Zines, interviews, or hanging out at zine fests.
@StephenLazotte @AlanDistro I've barely used periscope. I think I just did a walk around @pdxzines a few years ago.
RT @upthewitchypunx: 📷 stevelarder: UK Zine folk - I have copies of Brainscan 33 ‘DIY Witchery - An exploration of secular...…
First review of Brainscan 33! Thanks!
As #izm2017 comes to a close I'd like to remind you of our #zine themed band The Copy Scams.
Phase 1: talk about #2018yearoftheperzine until it becomes a thing. Phase 2: get someone to start a perzine fest.
@Cynthia_MSW Rad! I hope #2018yearoftheperzine will give others the push they've been waiting for to make a #perzine
I've noticed a lack of Perzines at zine fest lately. Let's make 2018 the year of the Perzine! #2018yearoftheperzine #izm2017
Say hi to actorslashvampire at our table at the 2017 Portland Zine Symposium! #pzs2017
Hand stitched another 50 copies of Brainscan 33 with purple, black, and orange Halloween colored…
The 17th annual Portland Zine Symposium is NEXT weekend! In one week I will be reading some new…
Vegan doughnuts and refreshments for my event tonight at the library!
RT @gridzinefest: ✏️🚨 @alexwrekk creator of Brainscan zine and Stolen Sharpie Revolution (*the* book about…
I was able to drop by the shop one more time before I left and got a few more zines shipped out.
RT @SLCPL: Also stop by tomorrow night at 7pm to meet @alexwrekk and hear her discuss her zine series Brainscan, for it's 20th anniversary!
RT @SLCPL: Sage is taking over @SLCPL at 12pm MDT today to recommend great zines from the Library's collections. #SLCPLPicks #smallpressday…
RT @SLCPL: Here's what Sage has to say about his favorite zine, @alexwrekk’s “Stolen Sharpie Revolution.” #SLCPLPicks #smallpressday2017 ht…
RT @SpillTheZines: Happy International Zine Month 2017! Here's a list of ways to celebrate #izm2017
Finally added my new zine to the @portlandbuttonworks website Brainscan 33

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