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@hunter_owens that's just your youthful vitality!
@hunter_owens definitely. But that's part of what makes it so great. The peaks and valleys of a mostly empty life
Sometimes I think about all the time I wasted doing nothing in my early 20s and I'm like, thank god.
Coda to this story: my trip to the ship was with @flexport. My Friday brain swapped the two []port startups I'm interested in.
@KNF100 @Matterport thanks
@fineplanner @jwolman I do!
Oh! And I took 360 video for you al, but I haven't figured out how to edit it. (Ricoh Theta S. Little help anyone?)
@baolson !!! I must read this
Made me want to start a podcast called Container that was just interviews with sailors, captains, and engineers coming through Oakland.
The captain was old and Russian. He shook our hands heartily, sat us down, tapped a pack of smokes, and said, "What is your... intent?"
@nattsuhon @iamdanw oh I have better container porn than this!
The sketch is of Olga Khokhlova, ballet dancer & Picasso's first wife. The crew calls the ship Olga for reasons lost from collective memory.
And the other thing is this Picasso sketch. The only decoration on the whole cargo ship.
But two details really stick with me. One is the shape of these tugboat exhausts. Just beautiful color and form.
And the technological sublime was everywhere.
The bridge was everything I imagined.
The chief engineer took us into the engine room. It was awesome.
I went on a reporting trip with @Matterport on a Hamburg Sud boat at the Port of Oakland this week. 1/

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