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@xeni when it hits a million loops, it incarnates as a talent scout in LA looking for the next big Vine star
@silviakillings @ohheygreat @cwarzel @mat @michesf @mallelis @NinianeK why are you in Palo Alto?
@ohheygreat @mat I'll bring the box of scarves... For dancing.
@ohheygreat @mat caftan party 2015
@cdixon it was the combo of action and something that got me.
Seems like they got it all worked out.
@sdpowell1 @stphnbckr why is that? high-income, nice light in the office, flexible hours?
Anyone know who produced this series for McDonald's? Seen it running on a lot of @Vice stuff. Was it Virtue?
RT @securityskeptic: "In my story, North Korea is a customer. In the FBI's story, North Korea is in charge" - terrif…
@jadedid @DearSplenda @sweetmarias now I gotta get one of these poppers
@jadedid oh wow! That would be a sweet trade
@jadedid I will gift you a real copy if you want! It made me want to roast beans so badly
@jadedid do you have the blue bottle book?
RT @BenedictEvans: Mobile penetration in sub-Saharan Africa. Massive spread - as the saying goes, 'Africa' is not a country…
@BetsyMorais love that place
@mat @dannysullivan DAMN. Foiled.
@dannysullivan @mat I think you have our office bugged. I was talking about doing a thing on this yesterday.
@joshuajabbour that's super weird. It doesnt show up like that for me? Very weird.
@darth__mouth heeeeeeeeeeey
"There are currently thousands of kids in solitary confinement nationwide."

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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