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My own personal Cinco de Mayo survival guide:
@photomattmills @AndrewWK he's kind of the most interesting man in the world
@photomattmills @AndrewWK he is definitely available: @SalvadorL
@itsmejon It's ambivalent, man!
@alexanderhunter ohhhh man. hahaha
Surviving Cinco de Mayo: my ambivalent guide to the Taco Bell of holidays
@FruzsE I'll be back on it soon. I've literally had morning to night meetings
@FruzsE no, it's just been crazy as EIC!
@fordm Yes! People have.
@GeekPornGirl @DIYGene Yup!
@footage yup! I felt it, too!
Wait, make that 20. #SPLASH
Warriors are up 17, but this game sure feels a lot closer than that.
@mat That's interesting. I watched snippets on Periscope and was underwhelmed?
RT @OscarDeLaHoya: Sorry boxing fans.
@dannysullivan @periscopeco pretty hilarious
Love this dispatch from the Times #MayPac live blog.
RT @kashhill: The “Panda to Panda” #7on7NYC project involved shredded Snowden documents & these sad pandas http://t.…

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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