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@jaredbkeller @chaykak Much prefer: What We Know About ... when deployed correctly
@EmonHassan @blprnt of course!
Hey, I need an interactive designer to work with us on 4 illustrations about waste streams and upcycling. Know anyone?
@DearSplenda Wow! You are not wrong.
@Caterina @efleischer @c_heller It's strange how we can discover such holes in our knowledge of the development of our customs.
@YAppelbaum someone staking out a table
@YAppelbaum also interesting that people said "engaged a table ahead" to mean make reservations, otherwise it's a phrase to describe..
@YAppelbaum Cute:
@YAppelbaum interesting!
@tcarmody Right? Although I can't find anything about that yet either.
@DearSplenda most of the actual refs I see to that are also for special events
@tcarmody interesting:
@tcarmody That may well be the answer.
@efleischer @c_heller @dan_munz @pomeranian99 I have emailed the author of The Invention of the Restaurant. Maybe she knows?
@tcarmody One might argue that's a predecessor, but not the same thing?
@burritojustice I've found a couple refs to special events
@publichistorian menu history, yes. reservation history, no.
@publichistorian I asked her!
@efleischer @c_heller @dan_munz @pomeranian99
@efleischer @c_heller @dan_munz @pomeranian99 "Not even the devils of AT&T can prepare you for the frailty of the Parisian telephone system"

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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