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@boone *pastes in ASCII art guy holding blank sign*
@KarenTSmith You wanna email Rose? We still have a couple slots left
@KarenTSmith We've taken a couple of those in previous rounds... so it might be tough!
@moiragweigel men love Twitter because our quick thinking would have saved us from predators on the plains and therefore sex
@wfrick there must be an economist out there with a plan to maximize median household income, right?
@Deardarkness i hope you have him a withering glare and said, "I'm a poet."
RT @EthanZ: Sara Watson (@smwat) is Al Jazeera America's new "data decoder", examining algorithms and online data collection:…
@tumbyMe I've been meaning to do that. I will start.
@davealevine I *thiiink* Google's category aggregates that with the exceptions noted in the post. I think.
@davealevine Yeah, I think all of those things are true AND the aggregated set of terms is still (relatively) declining
@khnidk I do think that's part of it. Google only had 37% search share back in 2004. And it was the savviest 37%
@davealevine but smartphones as a category are included *in* that computers & electronics category (I checked)
The Internet is losing interest in computers, says search data.
@ameliaabreu #sorrynotsorry
@MatthewPhillips @zseward Oregon v Washington is interesting, too.
@ToddGailun @agaricus I mean, it's a tiny thing with little battery life on the wrist? It's asking a lot to measure nervous system patterns
@ToddGailun @agaricus @mybasis to me, it looks like they put a lot more effort into the messaging layer
@ToddGailun @agaricus @mybasis early target for the watch's abilities.
@ToddGailun @agaricus @mybasis Sure. But I think they've recognized that the data hasn't been validated and maybe health isn't the right...

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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