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@GammaCounter @markasaurus @mat @tcarmody yup, and corn dogs
Not always sure what to make of Quora...
RT @samplereality: Reverse engineer Netflix? That's @alexismadrigal and @ibogost ( Reverse engineer them? That's @a…
@mat @tcarmody I'll meet you at the mall in backwards overalls!
@tcarmody hahaha 90s "chic"
@jessevondoom @xor @yayitsrob wow: this is almost impossibly weird. Huh. It's so weird I need to think about how it happened.
@doriantaylor @datatelling all that to say: that Yelp person is the fucking snacks
@doriantaylor @datatelling I would not use that one, but I've always liked its form relative to "the shit" or "the bomb" etc
@doriantaylor @datatelling and also because grammatically it works like that (British?) expression that always makes me squirm: "the tits"
@datatelling that's actually amazingly parsable on first approach
@coombgang this is the stuff of undergrad dreams
@GregorMacdonald @SlackHQ also, did not realize you and @jritch had teamed up!
@MohKromah thanks Gibril!
RT @bldgblog: Thursday in NYC:! @doingitwrong and @birdlord celebrate their new book about the Pantopticon: http://t…
@Olivianuzzi @billlascher well, the old saw was that it was always no, so maybe things are getting better
@PaulGrahamRaven @debcha @Hybernaut @justinpickard yeah, wow! Is that the DJIA?
Bacteria are so hot right now.
I would pay good money for anyone who had the full run of MTV Buzz on Betamax or whatever other format.
MTV's 1990 avant garde show Buzz: via @caradefabio
@LisaMcIntire @ceodonovan this is how I feel about vinho verde

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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