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RT @FusionIsNews: This is how Obama's immigration actions will affect people, by birth country: via @pewresearch htt…
@mattyglesias @literaryeric that's a really good package idea
@aokarim @felixsalmon unless you overcook the eggs! Which means for it to make sense, you'd need to give away bad poached egg sandwiches
@aparnamuk @nycjim seems like it
CamioCam looks like a surveillance tool we've all been waiting for. via @charlesarthur
@burritojustice @crulge my niece started balling when we got her one and then started hitting it. It was awful.
@KristyT (I have heard good things about your new thing!)
@KristyT I know! That's where I saw it. But I wasn't sure what the context of your tweet was--and didn't want to imply you were co-mocking
@marshallk even if I'm mocking it? (I know you are right.)
@crulge @burritojustice that's just crushing
RT @crulge: going through my internet folder and re-labeling everything; I found my actual favorite GIF. It moves me violently:…
Apparently, offering recruits free poached egg sandwiches is an "innovative approach to business." #lowbar
@marshallk but Yik Yak has almost no web presence and is pretty much wholly disconnected from what we would have called social web in '07
@RitaJKing @marshallk not questioning the social so much as the web!
@marshallk is it even part of the social web?
@ameliaabreu @footage @mathpunk well, raccoons are stealing from the rich to feed the poor, and are good at pinball.
@ameliaabreu @footage @mathpunk You ask me, I think crows are up to some shady shit pretty much all the time.
@sbermo @sama @semil I think it was more how it surged up the App Store rankings when the school year started
@sama it was hardly under the radar, though. I mean: it's in my last ATL column, which I filed 2+ months ago.

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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