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@_TechBanker Bosh is great. No argument there. But Aldridge has had a great season and is still improving.
@_TechBanker definitely not Bosh though
@_TechBanker that's what I thought, but...
Is Aldridge the best player in the NBA right now? At worst 3rd behind Lebron and Durant, no?
@snjacobs I think analysts get too much shit. They're going on the best available info, and it's hard to predict indiv #s on a spreadsheet.
33 of 34 analysts overestimated the number of iPads Apple sold last Q: What's that mean for the future of tablets?
RT @mims: Quartz is hiring a senior tech reporter. This is a really, really good gig.
@mattthomas but the price of natural gas is low! Maybe you should eat it.
@joguldi Send it to me! alexis.madrigal@gmail
@jordanbrianl @adamcarstens Too bad they aren't employing people who could help out! :)
@jordanbrianl @adamcarstens Yeah, I've heard people say "majority of the market" but never put a number to it.
Basically, a farmer is going to be a white guy in a big house with an army of robots, biological and electronic.
@blprnt Wish I could fave this 100 times!
@RonCharles @PamelaPaulNYT while waiting in line at the bank?
@derekeder @internetrebecca WOAH
@pmarca @FabiusMaximus01 @interfluidity inequality has been increasing *through* the cycles. (Making it, to me, a different kind of signal.)
@pmarca @FabiusMaximus01 @interfluidity is it too late to take your bet that the inequality issue vanishes in the next 5 years?
@janinegibson @ClaraJeffery yes, definitely: @mat.
@ClaraJeffery @mat @janinegibson definitely: he loves well drinks

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