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@benjamenwalker Antarctica
@ninakix Maybe it feels like high pressure. I could also put the call at the top of the email some time and I bet I'd get ~100 more.
@oliveeharris also, oxen are hard to find, even where I grew up
@robinsloan @leonardr hahaha. You and 10,300 other people. Only 25 recs so far.
@oliveeharris definitely legit. When I was in high school, the posters were we chiseled into stone, then painted with ox blood
@robinsloan @leonardr can I consider that a 5IT rec?
@oliveeharris somebody is working that Illustrator
RT @beccarosen: I'm looking for academics who study the history of American marketing. Hit me up if you know someone I should talk to.
RT @maxmazzotti: Our own Sam Evans on preventing the destructive application of the life sciences @CSTMSBerkeley @SAWEvans…
@zeynep And I can see that there should be lines drawn and that editors are likely the ones to have to draw them.
@zeynep (I think this is important feedback. And thank you for giving it.)
@zeynep @anildash @melissagira @jomc I don't see it as categorical that parents can't discuss difficult or complex topic terrains in pubs.
@zeynep @anildash @melissagira @jomc You're right, but his guardian can.
@zeynep @anildash @melissagira @jomc considered what he was doing and that it was within the boundaries of his relationship with his son.
@zeynep @anildash @melissagira @jomc relationship with his child. We definitely had discussions with him around it, making sure he had
@zeynep @anildash @melissagira @jomc I think it's a complex situation in which we trusted a parent's intuition about what was right in his
@Zookal Did you end up delivering books via drones in March?
@thebestjasmine @sarahrich @BootlegCreamery Are they? Did not know! That's so sad! We just discovered them.
@ryanmerkley @humphryslocombe @BootlegCreamery my favorite single flavor in the world

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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