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@velvetmelvis @soljourno PJs welcome
@velvetmelvis @soljourno hah. I'm honored?
RT @gddonnelly22: I spoke with @CODE2040 CEO @laurawp about her new role working with @USCTO & @whitehouseostp for @FortuneMagazine: https:…
RT @dodaistewart: included here is a list of politics reporters who are NOT white men over 55
@dvsch @MattressFactory I got a solo tour late one night. It was one of the greatest experiences i've ever had.
Also, if you're ever in Pittsburgh, Carrie Mae Weems has a powerful installation at the @MattressFactory. Go see it.
RT @CaitJGibson: "This thing, this instrument, is going to lead me into my life." This is a lovely Q&A with photog Carrie Mae Weems: https:…
@benjedwards yup. That's why I like facts, research, showing your work, linking to sources, copping to your ideological commitments
@tamaratwhite great connecting ✌🏽️
@tamaratwhite who does the branding and the marketing and the storytelling around a biz, which hipster firms are so good at
@tamaratwhite there are social capital building models, too, like @lacocinasf, which I do some stuff with
@tamaratwhite interesting! I hadn't thought of that side of things. Mostly been looking at new sources of capital, lending structures
@tamaratwhite how do we get more capital to black business owners to take advantage of gentrifying (wealthier) markets?
@tamaratwhite yup. That precise issue is something I've been trying to do some coalition building on in Oakland
@tamaratwhite it's brutal. Anti-blackness so easy to activate among different ethnic groups because of white supremacist culture
@tamaratwhite overall white population hasn't grown much, but black population down 50% from 1970 peak at about half the city
@tamaratwhite yeah. Oakland's story is complex. First Latins and Asians pushing out black ppl. Now more traditional gentrification
@tamaratwhite I'm just shocked at the knowledge differential in black/non-black communities on these issues. Why isn't this taught?!
@tamaratwhite basically a white subsidy! Move in to a neighborhood and the prices go up. It's the fucking Eddie Murphy skit at societal lvl

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Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.

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