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@Kriseman your first priority should be keeping the rays in tampa, i don't even like baseball but it will spell disโ€ฆ
RT @nsnnyc: Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?
RT @FootstepsInc: Tix on sale for "One of Us," an acclaimed doc featuring 3 ppl who left ultra-Orthodoxy. https://tโ€ฆ
@prairie_home Thanks for having represented nyc bluegrass. Best choice of a new host. Amazing that this is a thing.
@GENERALDV you were ahead of your time dude holy was the sh*t
@CremeDeLaCrypto I'd would like to see an article in the implications of Ethereum platform and supply chain management.
@ABRDave I just ordered this product and it is only clear glass there is no dichro on it as was advertised
Drupal, reimagined
RT @drupal: Sessions from @DrupalNorth are already online. Amazing!
@DavidStrauss @tessak22 @getpantheon it's probably a security extension
@tessak22 @getpantheon I use Chrome. It is the most up to date version. That is not the issue.
@getpantheon Why does chat support no longer work on any of my accounts? Clicking the button does nothing.
@justmoon @Ripple Its still centralized scam
RT @Fisher85M: #Disruption from every direction {Infographic} #fintech #startups #cryptocurrency #digital #innovation #bitcoin #ethereum #โ€ฆ
@GuernicaMag @melissafebos LOL snacking on pumpkin bread and reading, deep personality.
@MastermindsNYC my sister got a tape from you guys at wesleyan and rediscovered you on spotify. i miss the 90's.
@GetSpectrum Now he 6th time I told your sales to stop calling me about promotions I already use your service now STOP, it was at 8am once
@ColemanUSA bought a brand new 9 person seems all leaked on first rain after proper setup. Advertised as leakproof seams. Ruined our trip.
@Rawnet @elePHPant_off Rasmus Lerdorf PHP haters are not realists.

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Open D tuning resonator guitar player and I can code you a groundbreaking web 2.0 site. Journalist.

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