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@WhatsApp Whatsapp Web hasn't worked for me ever since the latest app update.
RT @Ld00d: Haven't been able to get @whatsapp web working today. Scan the code, and the page just swirls. Tried Chrome & Safari on 2 macs.
@christinamguo @tomch ichiran is better, but I'm down for going
@albert i keep forgetting to delete my testing scheduled tweets
test tweet edited
RT @drew: I mean come on.
@kxf am i supposed to make a test account
testing 1442519027594
RT @SnoopDogg: Im ready to lead @twitter !! #SnoopforCEO
@tomch @AdrianDuong @mackduan wtf
@AdrianDuong @mackduan same
another test
@lxyhuang @mackduan stop stepping on the balls
RT @rhehe92: @thexer123 let's eat alone together
@tomch thanks test test
RT @AminESPN: Dirk on Nash: He overcame a lot in his career, being injured, and being slow, and white and unathletic

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