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Columbia MBA with experience conducting financial analysis and managing strategy formulation & implementation in emerging renewable energy markets
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Alan Cordova
Macroeconomic analysis, sector sizing, competitive landscape evaluation, supply chain analysis, Market positioning, management consulting frameworks (e.g. Five Forces, Conjoint Analysis, Industry 2x2 Matrices), identification of best practices, value proposition development, strategic partnerships, Staffing model & organization hierarchy, standard financial valuation methods (discounted cash flow ‘First Chicago,’ VC method), Audience targeting, brand development and management, vocabulary (word and phrase association), Focus groups, online surveys, statistical analysis (correlations, regressions, conjoint), report writing, Contact database development, writing talking points, managing off-the-record (‘on-background’) communications, media monitoring, Program identification, relationship development, issue/cause marketing, Originating, evaluating and managing contracts with web developers, print media, guerrilla marketers, viral marketers, Lesson planning, curriculum development, class management, tutoring, Advertising copy for online and off-line media, memos, press releases, business letters, white papers, Project planning, team leadership, delegation, training, personal evaluation, Speechwriting, PowerPoint development, videos, graphs, Negotiations, public speaking training, debate preparation, Logistics, panel management, venue coordination, conference preparation

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