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Family was over yesterday chasing Mac all night. I think he likes the quiet here. He hasn't… https://t.co/YM1nGFewxU
And once again we are back to Hot AND Cold water at the sink. No more burning hands. https://t.co/hRkTJaRsVb
If there is any sink, faucet, toilet, drain work in your future this tool by rigid is so… https://t.co/v8uRSMoihY
The river side is very pretty too. https://t.co/1ofTCV8eF3
Broader view of the falls today. Market day. Redhaven peaches and cousa. Negative ions. https://t.co/ffuQEVqjW4
The sad saga of taxes continue with the systematic ripping apart of all paperwork buried on my… https://t.co/3iTR5eqIcU
I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate doing taxes and no, the filing is not the hard… https://t.co/pSLDEMLnnZ
Ivy loves the beach. https://t.co/fGhBLMkPk6
Jen with the girls. Beautiful day. https://t.co/tYUIob3GBj
Geneva. Water is high and rough. So cool here. https://t.co/M5Wt8ONHNl
Is this not a thing of beauty? 2 tips and it fits in the speed chuck. Magnetic too. Have not… https://t.co/Ftd4ludHKQ
I'm a spreadsheet fanatic. Last few round I wrote out items and only tallied ship and sales.… https://t.co/8im7Rpd0OQ
The box the glasses came in was extra big and full of fun stuff. #catsofinstagram https://t.co/bSpoIJAfdY
10 pack. ISO certified. Can't see a thing through them. Solar eclipse here we come. https://t.co/kUlfBf2Qnk
Just posted a photo https://t.co/FxCVS0ZdgM
Thought you might want to see how my pickles are brewing. #fermented https://t.co/yAAAz5WcZx
Finally made it to the beach https://t.co/Dsp9Wj5zSl
Absolutely thrilled I ran to the local farm market today. Got assorted odd size pickling cukes… https://t.co/adnME4C7hE
Having an emotionally and physically challenging week. Need negative ion recharge. https://t.co/tX59rxG0oC
Artists and designers will appreciate. I could finally afford good pens and decent vellum. No… https://t.co/YFPHVcw48i

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