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mmm, libinput and the beautiful people that made you: I will love you forever! working palm detection! no more dancing mouse while working!
@mcmoyer I think your camera is cross-eyed :)
please make: something I can plug into the audio jacks/usb of my laptop that configures pulse/alsa, like a color-calib tool for audio
TODO: reorganize; repeat;
why do so many android apps (think they) need android.permission-group.PHONE_CALLS? http://t.co/KyQ1YDdP0y
bleh deja-vu coding moments, remembering I actually did write this before..! where is it..?! #gitstash #too_often
@wunderground sweet! love the latest updates!
freenode down, time to go to bed..
inane password policies AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
wow.. whole house just shook like a huge gust of wind blew through but no wind, #ftw #earthquake
@gooberdlx you're always welcome back :)
cleaned up after a brand new bottle of fish sauce broke on the kitchen floor, hard to tell where the smells are still coming from
anticipated distractions make focusing on anything pretty tough..
RT @coLAB_workspace: why coLAB? why #cowork? http://t.co/I17lzDRnRQ via @youtube #fortworth coming in July 2013!
Pictures from a developer's life http://t.co/hI9ZxxWYbV via @prismatic
RT @rubyftw: 1st official mtg. in 3 years! @dantswain will be talking C Extensions on Tuesday. Pizza from @ovenbits. RSVP & info: ht ...
still finding my way over the "you're doing it wrong" hill with #ruby and #encoding .. ohhhEEeooooh..
http://t.co/ZzvBjBHG #wishIwerethere #rupy2012 #awesome 'ver nice! @chastell
@want2lang awesome thanks!
@bratschecody "we can go deeper" :)

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