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@TextDriveStatus Thanks for the info.
@TextDriveStatus Our site is down ( Can you look into it?
This is a plug for a talented, close friend. Grab @MaxDubinsky\'s book #WeCantGoHomeAgain
RT @clintfisher: I found my house:
@tonyhawk with the sickness
RT @clintfisher: Dusting Off: Roads - Portishead.
RT @clintfisher: Beverly Hills & Hollywood Hills sets from this weekend: Los Angeles iPhoneography:
Design read: Learn Theory, Practice Aesthetic
Love these illustrations:
David Choe for Facebook:
Lego Chuck Close:
"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." —Pablo Picasso
RT @clintfisher: Amazing new Swoon:
Shout out to @GideonHarris. We could all use some "righteous badassery"in our lives.
Having an amazing coffee catching up with my amazing friend @MaxDubinsky. #itsbeentoolong #ironsharpensiron
RT @skateboarddottv: @EddieElguera slashes for Hackett @grindforlife
Quality new fiction from the writer @maxdubinsky "We Can't Go Home Again". iTunes: Amazon:
RT @LAGodMusic: "Shake the Earth" album has come out early!!! Get it on iTunes right now! Search lagodmusic (one word) & download... htt ...
RT @loswhit: U need 2 stop giving a crap about what others think of how U live your life 4 Christ & simply start living your life 4 Christ.

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