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Copywriting 101 https://t.co/GX4WfYY0vi
RT @TomMartin: AMEN RT @katiekdodd: "Understand the people behind your searches and you'll become a better marketer" @wilreynolds https://…
@TransmissionSDI Thanks Mark! You're pretty awesome too!
MT @alwaystheself Ever wonder how people lived w/ slavery, Jim Crow & lynching but looked the other way? Look around right now. This is how.
@Dananners A wee bit overzealous: https://t.co/RNYM9QR5ML
@xurxovidal At your door???? What is this -- 1972??
@RUFINO_ESPRESSO Thanks! I'll be back in TO over the summer. Will stop back in @SovereignCafe to stock up!! (If not, you'll hear from me!)
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Brilliant packaging for Ricola Swiss Herbs Drops https://t.co/xN7F4sXKiq
@AdeleMcAlear Thought of Ginger... https://t.co/NpwCLD7N3V
@TurnerInk :-) "You catch your reflection in the mirror and question if the wrinkle-resistant fabric is subtly mocking you."
RT @TurnerInk: Good grief. ‘Your eyes squint in the mid morning sun as you wonder “why did I buy these really ugly clothes?"' https://t.co/…
RT @nickparker: 'Chatty' is finally over. After more than a decade, lazy brands have found a new tone of voice to copy: https://t.co/Ajc4M8…
@JackiHBrown LOL!!! Thanks for that!!
Pushing out. Pushing through. Pushing on. It's a push kind of day....
@RUFINO_ESPRESSO Where can I get 'Super Bar' in Montreal? Bought some when visiting TO, and I've run out!! :-(
RT @magpiekilljoy: if it's a murder of crows, an unkindness of ravens, a tiding of magpies... then it's got to be a lifetime of egrets
@Dananners Love it!!!
RT @KimAuclair: 4 Indirect Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings https://t.co/vBe9WbMLAd
@zoonini Eeek - I don't what that was. I've revoke a program, and changed my PW!! Sigh - sorry!
@seanyo It's very good!! (Full disclosure: Box of Crayons is a client.)

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