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Interesting read about millenials response to direct mail.
“The Startup Industry’s Toxic ‘Side Hustle’ Fixation” by @KateKnibbs
'A very disheartening day': Most of Canada's regulators abandon plan to put your financial interests first
“The Secret to Happiness Is 10 Specific Behaviors” by @BenjaminPHardy
Why your personal brand deserves high-quality photography via @thenextweb
The Great Film Renaissance Of 2017
Marijuana ETF ‘the most scrutinized fund that we’ve ever launched,’ Horizons CEO says via @fpinvesting
How Resilient Are You? | Are you feeling under attack from a constant barrage of up
Landscape Photography with a Fisheye Lens - creative   island   photography
Great introductory article and infographic on #B2B and #contentmarketing. "8 Facts You Need To Know"
Good article on the surprising power of daily rituals @michaelhyatt #Performance
Canada, Keywords and Confusion!
I was a Muslim NSC staffer in the Trump administration. I lasted eight days.
You’re a completely different person at 14 and 77, the longest-running personality study ever has found via @qz
So You Want to Be a Photographer? #feedly
"Snapchat’s Pre-IPO Nightmares: Instagram Launches Ads On Stories To 150 Million Daily Users" on @LinkedIn
@evanpdunn my top choices for answering marketing questions with data are relevance and unit costs per conversions as both are actionable
HP Reveals New Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro | - Storage Reviews
This Crazy Rig of 60 DSLRs Can Turn You Into a 3D Selfie Sculpture
Chronos—the $2750 High-Speed, 21,500fps Camera—is Now on Kickstarter via @nofilmschool

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