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251 Friends reminds me of SCREAM @an4rky @vipulved
“We've tried to design the best database. We can put in some bugs for you to give it some downsides.” @evan entertaining as always on HN
RT @faunadb: Announcing FaunaDB Serverless Cloud
RT @evan: We have never done more challenging or more important work.
@nycplayer lol could be a chain, gym office bank etc
Business idea of the day: "A bar called: the gym." As in: I'm going to the gym! Meet me at the gym!
@anandramesh @anujkrishan @withfries2 haha miss digger, good old days :)
"For kids who grow up with 4K video, PAL (720x576) will look like an oil painting" - Pipilotti Rist in Conversation with Massimiliano Gioni
"Technology is like a poor copy of our senses. A camera is like your eyes without blood" - Pipilotti Rist
RT @davewiner: Make America Kittens Again: Chrome extension replaces Trump with kittens.
“There are lots of moves that are really new and surprising” - Google’s new Go AI makes non-(more than?)-human moves
Cost of a SpaceX launch: $36.7mm The Martian box office: $630.2mm #youdothemath
RT @evan: If you add a simple wizard because your regular wizard is too complex you have probably failed at wizard UX⚡️
Startup idea of the week. ChristianMingle for Indian people: CurryMangal dot com
China created a new rule: Ford cannot buy parts from the US. Either build a plant in China or stop shipping to Ford our largest customer #hn
BitchX is the most popular UNIX IRC client. You can use it on Windows, but if you had a Picasso painting, would you put it in the bathroom?
RT @tdevane: Excited to announce The NYCode Conference from @NextViewVC , this fall in NYC!
wow, javascript: parseFloat(parseFloat(stringFloat).toFixed(2))
If you used homing pigeons as drones would you need an FAA license?
@lintzston free food dinner party?!

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