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Dr. Cohen in Vegas at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum lecturing on aesthetics and having some fun at the Adam Sandler co… https://t.co/JnwniukYPo
An Intro to Laser Skin Resurfacing - Part 1 of a 3 part series https://t.co/Ca2XLmosWW https://t.co/5nEtFQQhF6
Dr. Cohen discussed HALO/BBL lasers & how they work synergistically in combating photo-damage, fine lines and wrink… https://t.co/HH0OL85XBU
Dr. Cohen in @AllureMagazine (November issue, p.68) on new injectable aesthetic agents. https://t.co/WLGiwFAM0H
Behind the scenes of Dr. Cohen filming a BBL/HALO Laser segment, which will air tomorrow at 9am on KWGN: Ch: 2 Colo… https://t.co/gi9t34Aa5w
Dr. Cohen lectured on laser resurfacing today with Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner at the Mile High Laser Sy… https://t.co/Kaj5kWZIkc
Dr. Cohen discusses #chemicalpeels in this months #Instyle Magazine! https://t.co/MEu62zLwFa
Dr. Cohen just returned from #Ireland, where he participated in a botulinum (Botox) meeting of 15 top key opinion… https://t.co/FIPxazzuUO
According to Dr. Joel Cohen, it's not always "black & blue" as to why we bruise. https://t.co/H4K0yYUXmY via @broadly
Doctors from all over the world gathered here for the 5cc meeting & to take in the sights--like the #Gaudi Museum https://t.co/zkamMwlfxy
Dr. Cohen's lecturing this weekend in #Barcelona at the 5 continent congress meeting #lovewhatyoudo #cosmetics https://t.co/f8gUhehWYm
Dr. Cohen lectured & treated patients w/ injectables at the Masters in Aesthetics meeting in San Diego this weekend https://t.co/WexEDnj7VF
Dr. Cohen along with #botox discoverer @DrJCarruthers (who trained Dr. Cohen in his fellowship 15 years ago) https://t.co/2pTQEr3OUH
Dr. Cohen lectured w/ the biggest names in the laser world at the Controversies & Conversations in Aesthetics 2016. https://t.co/yiSTFvPQnn
Dr. Cohen sheds light on Rio's green pool at the #olympics in SELF magazine! https://t.co/ax5UqUL6ee
AboutSkin #BackToSchool promo! https://t.co/LMuFL0LOGH
AboutSkin dermatology featured in Denver local magazine about our story and our team! https://t.co/mRBu6Q48oV
Drs Cohen & Contreras participated in this FDA-trial, so they are the most experienced with #kybella in the region. https://t.co/4yiFZsUtuJ
Dr. Cohen&Dr. Monheit interviewed about the nuances of injectable cosmetic tx #dermatology #aesthetics https://t.co/7iTrFin8v3 via @YouTube
Dr. Cohen weighs in on the beauty discussion in #WomensHealthMag July/August issue #Cellfina #cellulite #dermatology https://t.co/3DvcjXvqv3

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