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Dr. Cohen was in Dallas this past weekend teaching a laser course to an audience of over 500 people. https://t.co/XZTMpK1WJT
Miami Global Aesthetic meeting this weekend, Dr. Cohen lectured and got quality time with friends and icons like Dr… https://t.co/N6ERLc8LOe
Dr. Cohen and AboutSkin Research participated in the FDA Botox Forehead study, and the manufacturer sent out a note… https://t.co/H7hvh0IrYU
In Toronto, Dr. Cohen gave the keynote lecture today to a packed house -- and was given a personalized Toronto… https://t.co/M4DfSqjJaK
Dr. Cohen’s been busy—his US News & World Report was selected as high-impact for the AAD & he filmed 13 DermTube se… https://t.co/8wgVnayBxw
Dr. Cohen w/ New Beauty Editor Dr. Robert Singer (plastic surgeon) & other aesthetic colleagues, plus the promotion… https://t.co/ucX0Y7teic
Dr. Cohen is lecturing & hosting DermTube at the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting in Chicago. https://t.co/M1JlUjFWr6
Dr. Cohen quoted in US NEWS & WORLD REPORT! https://t.co/9og12eFOTX
Dr. Cohen on Kathy Ireland TV talking about Elta sunscreens https://t.co/XeFT2jdG3w via @YouTube https://t.co/Z0wp6akkRr
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If you're active on Google+, follow me here https://t.co/fKd66QwknP
Check out the recent reviews our clinic got on Facebook https://t.co/irj6V7cFVu
Be sure to check out my company's page on Linkedin https://t.co/1JJAmvOplr
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In San Diego, Dr. Cohen lectured & did demos at Master of Aesthetics this past weekend. https://t.co/82NMRQTFP4
This past weekend, Dr. Cohen attended a melanoma fundraising event at the polo grounds in Sedalia, CO.
See TV clip of Dr. Cohen on ABC Denver 7/29/17. https://t.co/De0xnt2tn1
Tomorrow (sat 7/29/17) Dr. Cohen will be on ABC/Ch 7 at 8:50 AM, Tune in!

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