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Hail warriors! Everything was finished with out server maintenance, we`ll keep monitoring for this week for any... https://t.co/Bwkzw25IJH
Notice - There will be server maintenance for Clash of the Damned on the 11th of February. Thank you for your patience :)
Hey warriors, please bear with us while we're fixing the problem on the online arena. We're working towards the... http://t.co/c4FYBS4oqR
In honour of his majesty, the Crawling Chaos, our master the great Nyarlathotep has decree'd this coming weekend... http://t.co/6GV8njv7aw
Greetings Warriors, I bring you news from my master, the Haunter of the Darkness. The clan of Secret Rejects... http://t.co/e7GFUUkNjx
Hail to the Warriors of the Damned! Allow me to introduce myself, I am an envoy from the Court of Nyarlathotep,... http://t.co/qLBfqC5E5W
Hey warriors! It was great two years of epic war between Vampires and Werewolves! More than 2 million warriors... http://t.co/QWdY3E3vEv
Evening, Warriors! We hope you've already checked the latest Update and saw the new Identification Kit price!... http://t.co/rprq3iE9Z2
Morning, Warriors! We're back with some small but really nicey changes for you. And guess what? It requires... http://t.co/NUDtpT3hot
Evening, Warriors! We're back with some small but really nicey changes for you. And guess what? It requires... http://t.co/Imc0G8xx1G
RT @uwzone: Bad news: Apple rejected Underworld: Shadow Trade. What's next? You decide! #underworld #uwzone https://t.co/VfW5jAblPk
Please welcome @uwzone - the unique drug dealing social game merging reality and online experience http://t.co/K0YLcvqpOD
The Autumn is finally here, Warriors! The time of wet amber leaves, grayish skies and gentle melancholy with a... http://t.co/CmUGXZnXBz
Hey, Warriors! Every day and every night you turn into Vampires or fight them at the Arena. You satisfy your... http://t.co/U4zTebGLyy
@TheRustySavage planning to submit #underworld to AppStore within a week or so. stay tuned!
Greetings, noble Warriors! Those tricky Void Lords really gave us all an intense and busy weekend. And we are... http://t.co/LCVoeufI7i
Disturbing news, Warriors! The King's scouts report sightings of stronger and fiercer Void Lords! It seems they... http://t.co/jrxzqJnySM
Fellow Warriors! The time has come for us to greet the Winners of the July Drawing Contest! It took us some time... http://t.co/C24PkCtVXq
Greetings, Warriors! The time has finally come for you to help us decide who gets the biggest prize of this hot... http://t.co/RDq68LNz7p
Attention, Warriors! Only THREE hours left for those who still want to take part in the Drawing Contest! After... http://t.co/feBmxtirjc

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