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Sergio Dipp offers you his protection. #sergiodipp
RT @tomteavee: Officially changed to the new address #WinForVin #Dodgers @PhilHecken @UniWatch https://t.co/ErCO9IFURE
RT @kevindgunn: I was a supporter of the downtown stadium, but all in all, NGA's economic impact will dwarf the impact a stadium would have.
Serves 'em right ... https://t.co/q9tEN6Vigb
RT @blythebernhard: Ozzy didn't wear a Rams jersey in his mugshot. #kroenkecomplaints https://t.co/SsKWEds8Kl
Try saving a congratulatory email ... https://t.co/AqupI6BUfN
RT @DOBrienAJC: If someone from MLB said Maybin can't wear high stirrups, then I'd like to know why Werth's pajama pants look is OK. http:/…
RT @STLFireDept: @STLFireDept companies have evacuated the businesses & not allowing pedestrian traffic btwn S.Grand & Connecticut; http://…
RT @SeanLawhon: My cashier at Safeway looks just like @HowardStern. Looking for @robertAbooey in aisle 4. @sternshow http://t.co/iXHD1bfj3m
RT @bdisplays: Thank you @iSmartSolutlons, @RevelryDesign, @Affiliate_10K, @KuteKreations, @laurieayers, @_trifecta_, @MiniMorr for followi…
RT @susanslusser: Jeff Samardzjia will wear generic "National League" jersey at All-Star Game, sit with the NL team, an MLB official tells …
RT @EdTechPartners: Read our newest story on South Sioux City Schools' success with #BYOC! #EdTech #Curriculum @SchoolSoftware http://t.co/…
RT @EliLanger: More than 50% (19) of the first 36 commercials featured hashtags. Twitter and Facebook were shown 4 times; YouTube, once. Go…
Love the Astronaut Jones sideline jackets at the Super Bowl ...
RT @CycloneMBB: Iowa State will wear a special patch for the rest of the season in remembrance of Johnny Orr. http://t.co/aonP23hAvy
Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs: @YahooNews. In other news, #TeamAmerica is now filed under Documentary on iTunes.
“@J2Detroit: @DannyMendelson @sternshow High Pitch Eric?” Who's High Pitch?
RT @Cyfan1: There is a little Hilton Magic in heaven today. RIP Johnny. #cyclones #JohnnyOrr
Fifth Annual Logo Design Award Winners http://t.co/VSYdxuKGyk via @sharethis

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