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How to skip the lines at the Sagrada Familia church https://t.co/BLvlfuMdUZ
Uber Taxis in Wien sind eine Alternative @uber_wien! Melde Dich mit meinem Aktionscode an und erhalte 10 € Rabatt http://t.co/IBQmxqtU9t
Digetale Demenz? RT @HuffPostStyle: And this is how technology is warping your memory :/ http://t.co/ufOrHRVowL
CatchApp Helps Managers Track Teamwork http://t.co/BOKC8rWgR8
Google-owned QuickOffice goes free on iOS and Android, 10GB of Drive space offered http://t.co/tuz1egL4Ht
Hashtag Use on Google+ http://t.co/LKUSPhQtWi
Trick to play the GIF image in Facebook http://t.co/qIHANBSMA4
5 Things Founders Don't Talk About http://t.co/2kT0oCH2Kb
Lumia 1020 commercial mocks Apple-Samsung competition while highlighting 41-megapixel camera http://t.co/AeCmi7ve0q
Trust – Will You Catch Me if I Catch You? http://t.co/ZrlQTUNZNT
Expanding Your Business and Entering the UAE Market http://t.co/ieQDupBuQI
Line Bound - a minimalist, high difficulty, perspective changing game. http://t.co/RTCNTgLFmb
New Video gives detailed look at Graphite iPhone 5S http://t.co/MEX4Fegcne
Your Weekly Curated Awesome for 8.16.13 http://t.co/NNK2xIZB94
AIG spends $343,000 for Arizona retreat as thousands lose their jobs http://t.co/lQ8WyaEz1Y
The iPhone Blog: History of iPhone 5: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone http://t.co/VxOtwnCUzS
Use the Tools http://t.co/rzURN2hyxk
Google Confirms It Has Acquired Android Smartwatch Maker WIMM Labs http://t.co/uPMG3bqagv
How To Name Your Product, Service or Business http://t.co/Mhl1RRPj1u
September – Stress Less! http://t.co/jEmFxwb9cq

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productivity addict who helps companies to realize cost savings via project-alignment, process uncluttering, web 2.0 and helps funding of growth
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