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Upgrade your Virtual Machines Player! Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.16 and WMware Player 6.0.3 are now downloadable: http://t.co/eSK5PEOQY3
Interview about JOPUX on Suse Studio: http://t.co/04XlrBrC7v
JOPUX version 0.6.0 ready and available! http://t.co/anecQG25Pw
JOPUX join Open Invention Network: http://t.co/YNsTHpOP
JOPUX is now also available through CloudZoom: http://t.co/iSGqCmOj
JOPUX v0.4.0 now available: http://t.co/Q8GMV2sA
JOPUX v0.4.0M4: JOPUX Data Server suite ready! http://t.co/eG23eIlA
JOPUX v0.4.0M3: JOPUX Application Platforms and Office Server Suite ready! http://t.co/PJJF5ROO
JOPUX v0.4.0M2: JOPUX Infrabasic Platform now ready! http://t.co/bx5GkU0T
JOPUX v0.4.0M1: JOPUX Core and Basic now ready! http://t.co/fqkEtXXv
JOPUX is popular on Sourceforge: http://t.co/A26KQ08P
We're now in the mode upgrading JOPUX from #openSUSE 12.1 to 12.2! May take some time! Will keep you informed!
JOPUX now added to the waiting list on DistroWatch: http://t.co/oOGS9BGx
Only 3 days left till openUSE 12.2 will be released: http://t.co/gAWSvZNK Then can we begin finalize next JOPUX release.
@susestudio JOPUX @_JOPUX_ JOPUX now twitter @_JOPUX_ All JOPUX appliances available at: https://t.co/KncFvYjy
@mwikegard My join to @_JOPUX_ and follow JOPUX!? Welcome!

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About _JOPUX_

JOPUX is a Linux distribution and a family of free open source appliances.

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